Who Is Our Family?

January 7, 2009

Today’s post was inspired by the book Illusions by Richard Bach.  There is a series of sayings in the book that come from “The Messiah’s Handbook.”  Today we will look at the saying “Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.”


We think we are alone

In a series of earlier posts we looked at a number of ideas concerning dealing with our families.  One of the ideas we looked at was that many of us have so many conflicts with our family that we have to leave them.  We are compelled to follow our own path but we cannot sort out the issues with our family that are holding us back.  So we leave.


At first we feel very alone.  We may continue physical contact with our family, but we know that there is no longer any meaningful communication with them.  We think that we are all alone on our path.  After all, we ask ourselves, how could anyone else experience the things that I have gone through?


We find our family

As we travel our path we eventually become more comfortable with our choice.  We slowly understand that we made the only choice we could.  We also begin to see the wisdom of our choice.  We are beginning to be in the moment and act from our true self more frequently.  We are also becoming much happier.


All of a sudden a strange thing starts to happen.  Where we once thought that we would never find anyone who understood us or who had been through experiences similar to ours – we begin to find them everywhere.


We start to talk to these people and we find out that we have many common experiences.  The most important point of attraction is that we are all committed to traveling our own path.  We also are committed to helping those traveling their path.


Without ever making a conscious decision, we begin to replace the people who were in our life with those we have met on our path.  Ever so slowly we cease attempting to be close with those who have not made the commitment to themselves.  We cannot help it.  We no longer have the time or energy to spare attempting a close relationship or friendship with people who have not understood the importance of being their true self.


Then one day we wake up and realize that we have created a new family.  This family consists of those we have met on our path.  We have created a group of people who are helping each other to be their true selves – not some false self idea of who they should be.


Then the light comes on.  We realize that we have created a brand new family and it has nothing to do with the people we grew up with.  We realize that family is not our blood relations.  It is the group of people that we can work together and communicate with the most effectively.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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