Return to Our Roots

October 2, 2008

Return to Our Roots


Today we will return to where this blog started.  We will talk about subjects that are more directly about the Crystal Children, the Indigo Children, and the Star Children.  Today we will look at what jobs are appropriate for those involved with the mission to the planet.


Remember when?

Back when we began this blog on June 17 of this year we started with an explanation of who the crystal, indigo, and star children are.  We went on to discuss what their mission to the planet is, how it evolved, and where the mission currently stands.  I would suggest this as background reading for those who have not yet read it.


At that time we heard about the rebalancing of the planet.  Once again, I recommend to those who have not read this group of articles to go back and reread them.  There are about ten articles that will help you understand the next group of postings.


We have spent a couple of months looking at the aspects of our thinking that we need to understand.  These concepts of illusions, true self, and false self are necessary if we are to master our physical mind.  Mastering our physical mind is the same as our spiritual growth.  Spiritual growth means that we are learning to master our physical mind or false self.


Some of the concepts we will talk about over the next little bit were first broached on August 1 in our post entitled Quo Vadis.  The purpose of that post was to signal to our readers that we were going to change our focus and talk about topics that were more about spiritual growth than the details of the mission.


Now we are going to switch back to talking about the mission and the planetary rebalancing for awhile.  The purpose of the mission is to help the planet learn spiritual growth.  We will switch between the details of the mission and discussing spiritual growth.  The crystal, indigo, and star children need to be learning about both if they are to fulfill the goals of the training they received prior to their current lifetime on this planet.


Do the right job

In our post “Quo Vadis” we took a quick look at the idea of what jobs are appropriate for the crystal, indigo, and star children to have.  I have also been asked this directly.  “What is the best job for me to be able to help the planet?”


The answer is – the job that makes you happy.  Far too many of us choose a job for the wrong reasons.  We want to make money.  Our parents want us to have a certain career.  The family expects me to be a part of the business.


Even the common reason “I want to help people” is not as good of a reason as we think it is.  If we pick the right job for us it will always involve helping people.  We do not have to make it a reason for picking a job – it is the natural outcome of having picked the right job.


The mission will need every skill

The mission of the crystal, indigo, and star children will need every job imaginable.  We will need to create a fully functioning society within the current society.  This means we will have to mirror the existing society in most ways.


We will need butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers.  We will need farmers, cooks, doctors, nurses, lawyers, computer programmers, and engineers.  Every discipline will be needed within the new society that we will be building.


Don’t work – be happy

Now that we know that we will need every skill imaginable it frees us to choose a job that we want to do.  The most important thing to look at is what will make us happy.  When we are happy with our work we do not consider it work.


Last weekend I watched the new Chris Rock special on HBO.  Amongst the things he talked about was the idea of a career versus a job.  His point was that we enjoy a career because if fulfills us.  We hate a job because it is not what we want to do.


When we choose the job that makes us happy we have chosen a career.  We will be happy and we will not care about the money we are making.  We will want to be the best at what we do.  This will naturally bring more money.  When we are concentrating on doing what we like and becoming the best we can the money winds up being of secondary importance.  Our happiness and our learning about our career become more important than the money.


Just think back on the jobs that you have had where you were not happy.  Were you very good at the job?  Did you get up every morning and want to go to work?  When you went home were you happy and satisfied with what you had done that day?  Did you constantly think about that you were not getting paid enough to do the job?


These questions are some of the indications that you were not in the right job.  We might have been in it for the money, because we were expected to by our family, or that it sounded like a good idea at the time.  The bottom line is that if we are not happy with our job we are not going to be making the very best effort that we can.


The right job for the mission is the right job for you

If we are in the wrong job and are not happy we are not helping the mission as much as we could.  One of the objectives of the mission is to exemplify to the planet how we can incorporate our spiritual life into everything we do on a daily basis.  When we are in the wrong job we are not being as good as an example as we could.


Relax – don’t worry about being in the right job.  Choose to be happy with what you do.  As long as we are happy we are fulfilling our purpose on this planet for this lifetime.  Learn to be happy and you will see that everything takes care of itself without our having to worry about it.


That’s all for today.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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