Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

Here in the US today is Thanksgiving Day.  This post will keep the spirit of the holiday by expressing our thanks.  This will be much more extensive than our usual “thankful Friday” and will replace our usual Friday time of thanks.


Still not a commercial holiday

Over the years Thanksgiving has had a lot of different meanings associated with it.  At times there has been a bias toward showing the Europeans who migrated here as more magnanimous to the native inhabitants than they really were.  However, I am glad to say, it still has not become a commercial holiday.


Yes, we eat way too much on Thanksgiving.  Yes, there are more football games than anyone can watch.  Yes, the retailers run far too many advertisements.  In the end, our consumerist society has not figured a way to get us to spend a whole bunch of money on gifts, cards, and candy like we do on almost all of our other holidays.


After all – how can you commercialize the idea of thanksgiving?  The closest we can come is to have a big dinner.  The advertisements are for another holiday that is still a month away.  The football games are of interest to only a minority and there is no way to spend much money while you are watching a football game.  Chalk up one for the spirit of Thanksgiving over the crassness of commercialism!


My thanks

I want to start my expression of thanks by acknowledging my appreciation to our Creator for giving me my existence; creating the process of existence in which I can learn anything that I choose to learn; and for having such incredible unconditional love for me and all of my brothers and sisters within creation.


Next, my thanks go to all of my brothers and sisters for all the help they have given me.  This includes those from this lifetime and all my previous lifetimes.  This includes those that are physically present and those that are not.


Through the ages I have not always been as appreciative as I could have been.  I have strongly disagreed with your wisdom and guidance many times.  I have been obtuse, headstrong, and extremely stubborn.  Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who have ignored these behaviors and continued to help me anyway.


Next I want to thank all those who have helped me this lifetime.  As I get on in my years I realize just how many people have helped me.  I also see how much more I could have returned in ways of assisting them.  Thanks to everyone who has helped.  I will work harder at giving more than I take in the future.


Finally I want to thank all of those who have helped me on my path during the last year.  It has been a time of particular introspection on my part.  I have attempted to choose what my path will be.  That time is over and I am on my path.  Thanks to you for all of your help.


Please give your own thanks

Thanksgiving gets very busy for most of us.  There is the dinner to make, the travelling to do, and the cleaning.  First we clean the house before anybody arrives.  Then we clean the dishes after dinner.  Then the house again after everyone has left.  We have to do far too much cleaning on this planet.


Take a few minutes out of your busy day and choose those to whom you want to give thanks.  Remember who they are.  When the day gets busy, take a deep breath and send your thanks to those people once again.  This will help to keep you both in the spirit of the day and in the moment.


That is all for today.  Tomorrow we will talk about the spirit of Christmas.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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