How do We Prepare for Rebalancing? pt 2

July 4, 2008

Thankful Friday

We are attempting to establish a custom on this blog of expressing our thanks on Fridays.  We will do so as appropriate at other times, but we want to make sure we do so every week.  Therefore we will start the Friday blog with our thanks.


First, we would like to thank all of you who have been reading this blog.  We have been very surprised by the number of hits this blog is receiving after only three weeks.


Second we would like to thank WordPress for making this platform available for free.  I do not have to pay anything to use their software or post on their site.  The readers do not have to pay to read the blog.  Thanks WordPress!


Finally, we would like to thank everyone who is reading this blog because we have posted on their blog.  There are many of us on this planet working towards an identical goal.  We all express it a bit differently, but that is because we all learn in different ways.  Thanks for making the effort to read the way we express ourselves here.


Let’s pull out the soap box and get up on it for a few paragraphs.


Independence Day

As many of you know, today is Independence Day in the United States.  On this day in 1776 fifty six brave men signed a document in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania declaring their independence from the king of England.  They declared that their existing government no longer gave them the freedom to choose freely how they would pursue their unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They viewed governments as being constituted from the consent of the governed and withdrew that consent from the king of England.  Over the next twenty years they created a country whose purpose was to rely on the freely given consent of the citizens.


So many of the countries in the world are governed by systems derived from this tremendous work that it is hard to imagine how radical an idea these men had postulated.  We take for granted today that the people should have a large voice in the government that will be deciding their fate.  In 1776 this was an idea that was foreign to all the European powers.


These men stood for the freedom of the individual to choose their own destiny, individually and collectively.  We also forget that most of these men suffered extreme personal tragedy.  Some think it was all about economic freedom.  These were not rich men.  Many were barely able to get away from their source of income long enough to participate in the convention that created the Declaration.  Many of these men lost all of their property during the strife that followed the Declaration.  Many lost their families.  Some lost their lives in direct reprisal for having signed the document.


As we commemorate this Independence Day, let’s remember those men who were willing to stake their property, their families, and even their lives for the chance to live freely.  Let’s thank them for the opportunity they gave us.  Let’s also vow to have the same courage should we ever be in a similar situation.


Getting off the soap box and putting it away for now.


Now, let’s look at today’s message for the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children.


Accept the Changes

When we are in the moment we learn to accept what is going on around us.  We also understand that acceptance does not imply that you agree with what is going on.  Don’t feel that you have to like things to accept them.


Accepting means that you are not in denial.  A good example comes from Eckhart Tolle.  He talks about being stop in mud up to your knees.  If you do not accept that you are stuck in mud you continue to struggle against the mud.  Continuing to struggle only gets you stuck more deeply.


You do not have to like the fact that you are stuck in the mud.  But you must accept it.  As long as you do not accept that you are stuck in mud you cannot develop an effective way to get out.  It is really that simple.  By accepting that you are stuck in mud you start to see a realistic way out of your predicament.


Our assessment of where we, the inhabitants of this planet, are with our acceptance of the coming rebalancing is not a pretty picture.  Elsewhere in the blog we heard about how our civilization is still struggling to accept global warming.  We saw that we are still debating whether or not global warming is real.  Some feel we need to reduce carbon going into the atmosphere.  We said that the underlying force of rebalancing is not even being considered.


What this means is that we, as a planet, are in denial of the initial manifestations of the rebalancing.  We have seen those manifestations for about 20 years now and still we deny them.  This does not bode well for accepting all of the manifestations of rebalancing.  If we cannot accept the first few signs of rebalancing, how are we going to learn to accept the more disruptive aspects?


Once again, we do not have to like what is going to happen.  But we must accept it.  By not accepting it we fearfully rush around looking for instant solutions.  Being in denial will only get us deeper into the mud.


We realize that most people would rather have an instant action plan of how to handle the disruptions.  We will get to that as the blog evolves.  That plan will not be very effective if we do not learn to stay in the moment and thereby conquer our fears.  The plan will be less effective if we are not accepting of what is happening around us.  If we do nothing more than to learn to stay in the moment and help those around us to learn the same for themselves, we will be doing some of the most important work on this planet at this time.


We have all heard that our happiness comes from inside and not from outside of us.  Being in the moment is the manifestation of this idea.  When we are drawing on our happiness from within, the external situation does not matter much. 


Because so many of us have a picture of an external situation that will make us happy, we have the same picture of what will cause us unhappiness.  As we get to the actual rebalancing we will see more and more of that picture that we have determined should make us unhappy.  Therefore we will be unhappy.  As we learn to stay in the moment the external situation will affect us less and less.


Next Week

Next week we will continue to look at how we can be preparing for the rebalancing that is just around the corner.  Here is wishing that everyone has a great weekend.




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