How the Rebalancing Will Manifest pt 2

July 8, 2008


For the past week we have been explaining to the Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children, and everyone else reading this blog about the planetary rebalancing.  We have shown why the rebalancing is necessary.  We have heard about how the rebalancing is adjusted for on other planets.  Hopefully, we are beginning to feel the importance of the current situation.


Now, we are beginning to look at how the rebalancing will manifest itself on this planet.  Yesterday we spent a lot of time talking about how we will begin to see the atmospheric changes.


Today we will look at how earthquakes and tsunamis will begin to occur.  Tomorrow we will hear why rain and windstorms will be a part of the effects we will experience.  Later this week we will get a feel for the approximate timeframes for our rebalancing and discuss the “Boiled Frog” analogy.  We will finish the week with a look at some indications of where we are in our rebalancing.


Are you ready for today’s post?  Let’s go.


Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Earlier in this blog we heard that a major feature of planetary rebalancing is how the land that is below the water rises.  As this is going on the land that is above the water sinks.  Over the course of about four billion years that land will rebalance and rise at the next rebalancing four billion years later.


When the land sinks in this manner it causes very large earthquakes.  We have already seen our first example of this type of earthquake.  The 2004 Boxing Day Earthquake was the second largest earthquake ever measured by modern instruments.  Some of the characteristics of this event were:


  • The earthquake measured 9.3 on the Richter scale
  • The land moved 15 meters (50 feet) along a length of ocean floor extending 1600 kilometers (almost 1,000 miles) in length.
  • Some areas of land near the origin of the tsunami were inundated by water that was 30 meters (100 feet) high.


This type of event will become more common as the rebalancing reaches its peak.  All coastal areas will be subject to tsunamis.  Because these earthquakes will be happening all over the globe there will be no coast that is safe from tsunamis unless it is several hundred feet above the water.


What Land Will Fall?

As we learned last week, when other planets rebalance almost all of the land above the ocean sinks and the land that is below rises.  There are two small areas that are rebalanced through another process.


Our planet will experience a variation on this idea.  Does anyone remember the story of Atlantis?  There are many versions of that story, but at the base of most of them there is a story about a whole continent sinking beneath the ocean.  In the light of what we have been hearing about in this blog, does that story now sound familiar?



It is our understanding that the continent of Atlantis sank below the ocean about 35,000 years ago.  That is why there is still such a strong verbal history about that story.  Also, while we are on the subject, does anyone remember a story about a guy named Noah?  Wasn’t he predicting huge floods?  Wasn’t he telling people to prepare?  Well, let’s put Noah at the time of Atlantis.  He knew the continent was going to sink.  He knew there would be huge tsunami.  He also knew there would be tremendous rains (see tomorrows post).  So he tried to warn everybody.


You see – we are not saying anything new here.  It was all said thousands of years ago by Noah.  We just have a new audience that has not heard the whole explanation before.


Not All Will Sink

Because part of the rebalancing occurred when Atlantis sank, not all of the land that is currently above the ocean will sink.  Some of it has already sunk.  Unfortunately, the rebalancing came to a halt after Atlantis sank and no land came up at that time.  That means proportionately more land will rise than will sink.  Most of the “extra” new land will be in the southern Pacific Ocean.


Now you want to know what land will sink.  We are already treading the line of creating tremendous fear and hysteria with this blog.  At this time we will not get into pointing out which areas will sink.  If the situation changes to warrant publishing what we understand, then we will bring that understanding to light.


We are not attempting to be an oracle.  Nor are we infallible.  We received certain information almost thirty years ago.  Situations change and our information is almost thirty years old.  We ask you to stay in the moment and you will know what to do as the situation where you live changes.



That is all for today.  Tomorrow we will talk about how wind and rainstorms are an integral part of planetary rebalancing.  Join us again tomorrow.


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