How the Rebalancing Will Manifest pt 4

July 10, 2008

Today’s Post

We are almost done with the initial explanation of how the Crystal Child, Indigo Child, or Star Child will recognize the planetary rebalancing as it begins to occur.  We have a few specifics to look at today and tomorrow before we move on to other topics.


Next Week

Next we will start to look at some of the illusions that we all get caught up in when we take a lifetime on this planet.  In our training prior to this lifetime we were told that there were many illusions here.  However, because of the tremendous imbalance here many of the illusions were not understood.  Either way, since they are created here we all have to learn how to deal with them during this lifetime.


Let’s go to today’s post!



So now we get down to timeframes.  When will all this occur?  How long will it last?


Let’s tackle the question of “how long?” first.  The usual timeframe for any planet to rebalance is about twenty years.  That would be the peak time of greatest disruption.  There is a period of about ten to fifteen years that leads up to the start of that twenty year period and about the same leading out of those same twenty years.  Let’s call it about a total of forty years with the most intense period of disruption being the middle twenty years.


So now we ask, when will it begin?  When this was first explained to us in 1981 the projected timeframe was about 2015 for the onset of the twenty years marking the most disruptive period.  There was also a caveat given: this is a very imbalanced planet and there could be a lot of things that could change the onset to make it either earlier or later.


What is the current timeframe?  Who really knows?  It is hard to say exactly when the rebalancing will start to become dramatically obvious.


However, that should not really matter.  Remember, one of the primary messages of this blog is that we learn to stay in the moment.  When we are in the moment we will know how to handle the rebalancing as it manifests itself.


If we take the rough timeframes of 2005 to 2045 as the overall period of rebalancing, then we must consider ourselves to be in the beginning stages.  We will not make any specific predictions in this blog.  We will paint a broad picture and let each one determine for themself how they will use the information.


The Boiled Frog

Many of us have heard the analogy of the boiled frog.  It is a very good way to describe the situation on this planet at this time.


Put a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil.  Toss a live frog in the water and he will immediately jump out.  He knows the water is hot and gets away as soon as he can.


Put another put of water on the stove, but this time put the frog in while the water is still room temperature.  Now put the frog in.  Now turn the heat on and bring it to a boil.  According to the analogy, the frog will stay in the water as it heats up and never know he died from hot water because the change was gradual.


We postulate that this is where we are on this planet.  We are in the pot of room temperature water that is gradually heating up.  However, we are still debating if it really is heating up.  Most likely, we will continue this debate until we are boiled.


Current Indications

So what are the current indications that we are in the pot of water and it is beginning to heat up?  Let’s take a look at a few situations that have occurred in recent years.


Boxing Day Earthquake and Tsunami

We have discussed the Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami several times in recent posts.  We will not discuss it here, but will point you to the most recent post in this blog that mentioned this event.  This is the type of earthquake that will become more common as the rebalancing gets close.


This is Not an Oracle

In this blog we are not trying to be omniscient or infallible.  In all actuality, we do not really care if you believe what we are saying.  There is no proof of any of it, so why should we try to offer such proof?


Our intention with this blog is to share with you a group of teachings that we received almost thirty years ago.  We have thought about and discussed these teachings since then and come to the conclusion that it is time to share them with others who may benefit, as we have, from them.


If what we say here resonates with you, keep reading, and hopefully, commenting.  If it does not, please find that which does resonate with you.  We are each on a unique path.  No one thing can provide insight to all individuals.  We just want each individual to find what best provides insight to them.


Why We Are Not More Specific

We have chosen and will continue to choose to be nonspecific in many of our postings regarding planetary rebalancing.  There are several reasons for this lack of specificity.


  1. We are dealing with information that is nearly thirty years old.  What might have been quite specific thirty years ago may be rather vague today.  We attempt to make the sense of what we say as accurate as possible, but specific cases can be hard to identify.
  2. There are many individuals who would like nothing more than to have a detailed argument about the various ramifications of global warming, climate change, and rebalancing.  When one gets into an argumentative discussion on this subject, everyone starts trying to prove their point.  We are not trying to prove a point.  We are attempting to paint a broad picture of what planetary rebalancing is and let people come to see the validity of that picture in their own way.
  3. Many of the phenomena we discuss are hard to quantify.  Can anyone prove whether or not we are having more frequent and larger hurricanes, earthquakes, or windstorms?  We want people to watch these trends for themselves and come to their own conclusions on how to acknowledge and prepare for the rebalancing.



That is it for today.  We have a few more specifics and ideas to look at tomorrow.  Then we will move on to recognizing and working through the illusions endemic to this planet.


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