We Are Learners, Doers, and Teachers

April 17, 2009

We occasionally write about ideas that are inspired by the book “Illusions” by Richard Bach.  Today we look at the cycle of learning, doing, and teaching.


Thankful Friday

As always, we take a few minutes each Friday to express our thanks.  Today we thank all of our readers.  It is very generous of you to take the time from your busy day to read these words.  Thanks to our small but continuously growing group of readers.


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We exist to learn and grow

Back in the early days of this blog we started writing about the reason that we exist.  Since then we have brought that idea into numerous posts.  Long time readers will be familiar with the idea that the reason we exist is to learn and grown – and share that learning and growth with each other.


Life is really that simple.  On this planet we have chosen to make it much more complicated than it needs to be.


In the “Messiah’s Handbook” section of the book “Illusions” Richard Bach writes: “You are all learners, doers, and teachers.”  This to me implies the idea that we exist to learn and grow and share that learning with each other.  Hence the idea of “learners” and “teachers”.  What about the “doers”?


We have written several times on this site about the idea of learning by applying our knowledge.  This can also be called learning by doing.


The cycle of learning, doing, teaching

Let’s take a moment and look at the cycle of learning.  We start by knowing very little about something.  When we first start our learning our focus is simple.  There is so much to learn we focus only on the learning.


Gradually we learn enough to start to put the learning to use.  We start to apply what we are learning by doing what we have learned to do.  This increases our understanding because we now have practical knowledge that reinforces our learning.


Eventually by both learning and doing we have learned enough to start to help other people.  This does two things.  First it helps others to learn what we have learned.  Second, it reinforces our learning.  By explaining what we have learned, we get the opportunity to solidify our learning.  Nothing helps us learn more than to have to explain what we know to someone else.  We help them and ourselves at the same time.


We are all learners, doers, and teachers

Back to Richard Bach – I think he was describing this cycle.  At any point in our life we are learning several things.  We are also applying our new found learning to other areas of our lives.  Finally, we are also always teaching something.


At first, you may not think that you are doing these three things.  Watch your life for awhile.  I bet that you will find out that you are a learner, a doer, and a teacher.


That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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