You Can’t Prove It

February 6, 2009

Over the years I have had many conversations with people about how to prove their spiritual growth.  They seemed to be looking for a way to show others that they were spiritual.  My point has been that you cannot prove that you are spiritual.  Today we look at that idea.


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There is no external proof

Over the years I have talked to people who had various ideas about how to prove their spiritual growth.  Some thought that it was an accumulation of money or possessions.  Some thought it was their good personal relationships.  Others thought it was the way they meditated.


The point that I have tried to make is that there is no external proof of our spiritual growth.  We can make tremendous progress and still not accumulate money or possessions.  Conversely, we can achieve great spiritual growth and still accumulate money and possessions.  The two are not linked by cause and effect.


In the same way, we can achieve spiritual growth without having a close personal relationship.  Although spiritual growth usually improves our relationships, that improvement in our relationships is not proof or our spiritual growth.


The proof is internal

The only “proof” of our spiritual growth comes from our internal knowing that we have grown.  We look for signs that only we can see.  Are we more peaceful?  Do we like ourselves more?  Are we more accepting of what happens in our life?  Do we see that our spiritual growth is the most important task in our life?


When we look to prove our spiritual growth to others we are looking for validation of ourselves from those people.  When we look for validation from others we are engaging in false self behavior.  False self needs external validation. 


True self needs no external validation or acceptance.  True self knows that we cannot prove our spirituality to any one else.  Others will either see it or they won’t.  It makes no difference to true self.


True self knows that we are happy and understands that everyone has their own definition of happiness.  True self does not try to prove to them that we are happy.  After all, when someone is attached to their definition of happiness – you are not going to prove anything to them any way.


One final note

Here is a mile marker on our spiritual path.  When we notice ourselves wanting to prove our spiritual growth – either to ourselves or to others – we need to see that we still have an additional lesson.  That lesson is that there is no external proof of our spiritual progress.  We need to remind ourselves that the proof will eventually manifest as we become truly happy.  As long as we look for that happiness we will not find it.  We just have to allow the happiness to be there.


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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