Fear and the Power of Love

January 6, 2009

Yesterday we heard about the power of fear.  We saw how we always cause what we fear.  In the past I have had several discussions about the power of love over the power of fear.  Today we will look more closely at this idea.


What is love?

We have looked at this idea in many different ways in some of our previous postings.  In summary, I prefer to use the term “unconditional love”.  This clearly defines that we are talking about love as being the acceptance of each other for who we are.  We accept each other with all of our faults as well as our good points.


In view of the above paragraph, I also view love as an action.  Many of us view love as an emotion.  I say that it is something that we do to each other, therefore it is an action.


Remember, yesterday we said that because fear was an emotion it was also thought energy.  In effect, when we compare love to fear we are comparing an action to an energy.  These are clearly two different things.


Our culture has helped to confuse the action with the emotions of caring for each other.  Our movies, books, TV shows, and songs tell us that love is the emotion we feel for each other.  My view is that we feel an emotion of caring for each other and that we take the action of love to demonstrate that caring. 


We have also talked about the idea that when we are accepting we are also in the moment.  When we are accepting of each other we are also exhibiting unconditional love.  When we love unconditionally we are also in the moment.


In the moment we have no fear

As we saw yesterday, when we are in the moment there is no room for fear.  We also just saw that unconditional love brings us into the moment.  I guess it could be said that love is more powerful than fear.


However, I think that making the comparison between unconditional love and fear is like comparing apples to oranges.  First of all, one is an action and the other is an emotional energy.  Second, when we are truly in the moment there is never any reason for fear.  Being in the moment automatically negates fear from our emotional makeup.


Which one is stronger?

I think it is a moot point.  Being in the moment makes all of the power of our true self readily available to us.  We cannot express unconditional love except when we are in the moment.  Being in the moment eliminates all chance for fear to adversely affect us.


The important point is to stay in the moment.  The question of fear being more powerful than love ceases to exist when we are in the moment.  That is because fear ceases to exist as in influence on us when we are in the moment.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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