Talking About Vocabulary: God

February 20, 2009

Today we continue our look at spiritual vocabulary.  Once again we look at a word that has been used so much that everyone has their own definition.  My personal preference is to use the word Creator rather than God.  Today we look at why I make that choice.


Thankful Friday

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Who or what is God?

For me, I have struggled with this question for much of my life.  As I grew up I was indoctrinated into the religion that my family believed in.  For some reason I always had a problem with the concept of God that this particular religion espoused.  No surprise there.


As I grew older, I saw that every culture had their concept of what they perceived as God.  And, of course, most religions forced their followers to believe that their version of God was the one and only version.  Most religions forced their believers to accept the “one true God” and shun all others.


Like many of you, I realized that somewhere this did not make sense.  How could there be so many versions of the “one true God”?  So I continued my thinking and watched as people continued the tradition of many thousands of years – killing each other in the name of the “one true God”.


How about a Creator?

Eventually my thinking brought me to looking at the idea of Creator.  Although I had not done an exhaustive study of all of the world’s religions, it seemed to me that there was one thread that connected all of their descriptions of the “one true God”.  That thread is the concept of “Creator”.


Most religions attempt to explain the origin of both human beings and the world.  Most of them in some way go back to a Being that creates people, the world, and the universe.  When I realized this, I knew that I had found my answer to the riddle of who is the “one true God”.


That answer is the Creator.  It is clear that human beings cannot create the true self that each of us is – and that evolves through countless reincarnations.  It is clear that human beings cannot create the earth or the universe.  That is done by the Creator.


It became clear to me that – other than the concept of Creator – every attribute that we ascribe to the “one true God” is created by us.  We make the “one true God” into our likeness.


As I saw that, I stopped using the word “God” and started using the word “Creator”.  That is the one aspect of the one true God that everyone seems to agree upon.  It is the aspect of the one true God that human beings cannot claim as being their own.


That is all for this week.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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