Ideologies Are a Dead End

October 27, 2008

Today we will look at ideologies.  Ideologies come from the desire of false self for life to be simple.  Let’s explore the connection between ideologies and false self.


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I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  On Saturday I spent the morning and early afternoon in Philadelphia.  I ducked the imminent rain storm while I purchased supplies from a few specialty food stores.  I got back home just as the heavy winds and rains descended on us for a few hours.


Sunday turned out to be a very nice day.  I managed to get out for awhile.  Unfortunately I had to spend too much time on the cleaning and laundry routine.  Drop us a line and tell us about your weekend.


What is an ideology?

We will start today’s post by looking at the definition of an ideology.  According to Wikipedia an ideology is a structured set of beliefs, aims, or ideas.  This article suggests that ideologies are commonly political, but they can be found in philosophies and spiritual beliefs.


Why is false self attracted to ideologies?

Why is false self attracted to ideologies?  In our post on August 14 we wrote about how false self wants life to be fair.  In that post we looked at how false self wants to find a formula to simplify its life.  It wants to think that if it does “this” other people will do “that”.


By stringing together a group of “this” and “that” behaviors false self hopes to find a simple and “fair” way to live.  False self does not want to have to think about things any more than it has to.


No thinking required

When we imagine an ideology as a set of ideas that false self can use to think about a subject we can see the attraction.  A lot of other people have developed the ideology so false self only has to agree with it.  No thinking is required. 


When false self is asked about politics it trots out it’s ideology for politics.  When it is asked about religion false self invokes it’s ideology for religion.  When asked about philosophy or economics false self is prepared with an ideology for those as well.


False self looks at the fact that a lot of smart people created these ideologies.  False self does not have the confidence in itself to create a valid opinion based on understanding of the situation.  It leaves all this to the experts who created the ideologies.  After all, false self could never be as smart as those people.  They must be right, so all false self has to do is agree with the experts.


Oh, the pain

Everything is fine until the ideology is questioned.  After all if we do not have to think about it, how can it cause us any pain?  Eventually though, the ideology is questioned.  That is when the rubber meets the road.


When the ideology is questioned we have two choices.  The first is to accept the question and attempt to objectively compare the question to our ideology.  If we are open minded we will either accept the new perspective or reject it.  We won’t fight the question because we recognize that all of our thoughts must always be open to re-evaluation.


The other option is to fight the question.  We have written extensively about how false self attacks any idea that might question it.  When false self defends it’s ideologies it is doing so because it feels threatened.  Also, when false self defends it’s ideologies it is in great pain.


To see this pain we do not have to look far.  Right now many people’s ideologies are being attacked.  At least their false self thinks so.  Look in the political arena.  There has been a political ideology that has been controlling much of the US for many years.  Now it is seriously being questioned.  This is causing many people who have espoused this ideology for many years to feel attacked, and therefore in pain.


The same thing is happening with an economic ideology.  The deregulated free market ideology is being challenged.  This is causing great pain for many of those who had believed in this ideology.


What is the pain?

Hopefully some of our long time readers will see the connection between false self and pain.  As we wrote many months ago, attachments are painful.  Pain is always a sign of false self attachment.  Attachments always cause pain.


By this logic, the pain is not actually from the ideology.  That pain is from the false self attachment to the ideology.


In its effort to simplify its life false self has attached itself to ideologies that substitute for original thought.  Everything is fine and dandy until that ideology is questioned.  When the ideology is questioned then false self thinks that it is being challenged.  Now the pain begins.


It can be very hard to let go of our ideologies.  Frequently the ones associated with religion are the hardest to get past.  Somehow we must come to the understanding that our Creator wants us to be happy and our true self.  When we are attached to ideas about Him then we will be in pain.


I think that He wants us to be happy and does not really care if we have differing understandings of who and what He is.  He would rather us be happy.  He does not want us to be in pain because someone is challenging our false self belief in Him.


Rephrase the title

At this point we should probably rephrase the title of today’s post.  We should add the idea of attachment to the title.  The new title should be “Attachments to Ideologies are a Dead End.”  When we get rid of the attachments and view ideologies objectively and there is no pain.


That is all for today.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.



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