Does Evil Exist

This topic was brought up at the Circle of Miracles yesterday.  It was an interesting question.  We look at this idea today.


Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had some great weather here in this part of the northeastern US.  Some of the cherry trees and magnolias are starting to flower – as are many of the early flowers.  Hopefully winter has been banished for the next six or seven months.


Does Evil Exist?

This idea was brought up today at the Circle of Miracles in Doylestown, PA.  I will present a summary of the discussion.  Please follow this link to view the full text.


A student asked his professor if cold existed.  The professor said that cold existed.  The student told the professor that cold did not exist.  The professor was amazed.  The student went on to explain that what we perceive of as cold is actually a lack of heat.


The student continued.  He asked the professor if dark existed.  The professor said that night was darkness.  The student then told the professor that darkness was only the absence of light.


Finally the student asked the professor if evil existed.  You would think that the professor would have learned his lesson by now.  But he had not.  The professor stated that we see evil in the world everyday.


The student then told the professor that evil is only the absence of our Creator’s unconditional love.  When we treat each other without unconditional love we are actually being evil.


By the way, the student was Albert Einstein.  This is purported to be a true incident.


Our evil is mostly benign

Unfortunately we have become accustomed to treating each other without unconditional love.  Most of the time this behavior is more benign than anything else.  However, when we treat each other with anything less than unconditional love we are desensitizing ourselves to one another.


As this desensitizing sets in, it can gradually grow into not caring about each other.  As soon as we do not care about each other we can start to justify cruel and uncaring behavior towards each other.


When we are desensitized to one another we no longer see each other as if they were ourselves.  As long as we see others like ourselves we tend to treat them as we would want to be treated.  We do not hurt them because we see it as if we were hurting ourselves.  When we are desensitized to each other we no longer care if we hurt each other because we no longer view it as hurting ourselves.


There may be no evil in the world – but there is an awful lot of not caring about each other.  Please attempt to look at your life and note those people that you do not care about.  Please recognize that this is where the not caring starts. 


Then work to learn how to see these people that you do not care about as if they were you or your family.  Then start to care for them as if they were your family – for in reality they are part of your family.


The world will be a better place for this.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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