Notice Your Own Progress

As I have recently noted, I am currently starting a new venture.  This has brought up a lot of my unresolved issues.  I have been working on aspects of these issues for many years.  Yesterday I remembered to accept that I have made progress on these issues.  Today we look at why this is so important.


Thankful Friday

As always, we take a little time on Friday to thank those around us.  This week we thank all of our readers.  Our readership reached an all time high during the month of March.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time from their busy day to read what we write on this site.


We always thank WordPress and FeedBurner for the tools that make this site possible.  Without them we would not be able to publish and distribute this site.  Thanks WordPress and FeedBurner!


Showing others their progress

I am involved in several discussion groups.  One of the techniques that I use to help members of those groups is to remind them of the progress that they have made.  As they talk about the issues they are dealing with I remind them of where they were several months or a year ago.


Once they have seen their own progress it becomes relatively simple to see that their current issues are not that much different.  Most of the time these individuals are able to see that they can use their past progress to overcome their current challenges.


Remembering to do this for myself

As I have been struggling with some of these old issues, I seem to have forgotten to apply this idea for myself.  Intellectually I know that I am not in the same place I was a year ago.  Somehow this idea did not register.


I was driving to a client yesterday.  All of a sudden I had a blinding insight.  It was not quite a Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus moment.  However, it was sufficient to get my attention.


What I saw was that I had made progress working through the issues with which I have been struggling.  Not just in the past year or the last few months.  In just the past few weeks I have made steps toward resolving these issues.


I cannot tell you how important this was to me.  I had been resigned to the fact that I was continuing to struggle with issues that I had been working on for many years.  When I saw that I had actually made some progress recently it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I saw that I might be able to resolve those issues this time around.


Don’t get me wrong.  The issues are not resolved yet.  I still need to do a lot of work.  Yet, having seen this progress I am much more encouraged to see that I can resolve these issues.  I am close to being able to see that the issues can be resolved.  And that is all that is important.  Once I see that the issues can be resolved I will be able to finally resolve them.


Please do the same for yourself.  When you face a challenge – remember where you were.  Realize that the fact that you have made progress means that you can continue to make progress.  All you have to do is keep putting one foot ahead of the other and you will get wherever you need to go.


Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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