Apply, Apply, Apply

I have been going through some interesting experiences during the last few weeks.  I have been putting to use a lot of the concepts that I have been explaining on this site.  Today we look at a few of those concepts.


Remembering the lessons

In February we published a post entitled “Ghandi Said to Practice.”  We talked at length about the importance of putting into practice the spiritual teachings that we learn.  I also recounted that my teacher was – and still is – constantly urging me to apply, apply, and apply!


Well – I have been doing that intensively for the past few weeks.  I am working on a new venture and keep falling out of the moment.  Many times I am more out of the moment than I am in the moment.


Teaching what we need to learn

In our post “We Teach Best What we Need to Learn Most” I talked about how we often are teaching the things that are our most important lessons.  That idea could very well describe my experience of the past few months.


As I look back at all of the challenges that I have been facing, I see that I have been writing about them.  Here are some of the recent posts that have become the lessons that I need to be learning right now.


I have been forgetting to “Relax and Enjoy the Ride”.  I have gotten too caught up in the issues that I am creating.  At times I have forgotten to enjoy myself despite the apparent challenges.


I have also forgotten on occasion that “What We Resist Persists”.  I have been resisting some very old lessons.  Some of these lessons I have been resisting for many years.  I am gradually learning not to resist them.  The habit of resisting is very ingrained.  However, I am gradually learning to let go and allow.


It was brought to my attention today that wanting control is keeping me from getting it.  Evidently this was another post that I wrote in an attempt to learn from what I am teaching.


Does this mean this stuff doesn’t work?

Not at all.  All it means is that some of us have a lot of stuff to work through.  Remember – it is the journey that is important.  There is no actual destination.  Anything that we perceive as a destination becomes a resting point where we review what we have learned since the last destination.  We then gather ourselves up and start off for the next destination.


Another aspect of this is that the farther we go the lessons become much more subtle.  Even though I am working through lessons that I first encountered many years ago, I have a lot more experience with the process.


Thirty years ago I had no experience and no tools with which to resolve my issues.  In the intervening years I have gained a great deal of experience and gathered quite a few tools.  I am now able to deal with more difficult and more subtle issues.


I have made a lot of progress – but there is always so much more to learn.  I just need to remember to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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