Our Guides are Coaches

I was talking with my friend Judy today.  We were discussing our guides.  Judy said “Our guides are coaches.”  Today we look at that analogy.


No post tomorrow

I usually write my posts a day ahead of schedule.  Thursday is very busy and I will not have a chance to write a new post for Friday.  Have a great weekend!  See you again on Monday.



One of the ideas that I have been attempting to explain for several years is the idea of empowerment.  We all understand the basic idea – but we rarely accept what our true powers are.


Some people turn everything over to the holy spirit and think that the holy spirit does everything for them.  Others turn everything over to their guides and let the guides do everything.  This gives away our empowerment.


As long as we insist that our guides or the holy spirit do everything for us we will not understand that in fact we are doing these things ourselves.  Until we realize that we do the things which we think the holy spirit does for us we will not find true self confidence.


The guide as coach

Let’s think about the role of our guides as coaches.  When coaches prepare people for a game they guide the practice sessions.  They offer encouragement when needed.  They correct us when we get off course.  They give us a pep talk when we need that.


The day of the game comes and we go out onto the field.  The whistle blows and the game starts.  Is the coach on the field? No.  Does the coach play the game?  No.  Does the coach win the game?  No.


We are on the field and play the game.  The coach becomes an interested observer, but does not participate.  Once we grasp this analogy we see that our guides are the same.  They help us prepare for our challenges, but they allow us to face them ourselves.  They know that unless they do this we will never learn that we have the strength inside of us to face and master our challenges.


Trying to say thank you

Many years ago I attempted to thank my guide and teacher for all the effort he had made to help me make my progress.


He said “I didn’t do anything.”


I said “But you helped me so much.”


He said “But you did all the work.”


I said “But you did so much for me.”


He said “But I was just doing my job.”


I said “And I thank you for that.”


He said “But you did all the work.”


The point of this exchange was to remind me that no matter how much someone helps us – we are the ones that do the work and make the progress.  Our guides cannot do it for us.  They can encourage us and point us in the right direction.  In the end we are the one who walks the path and makes the progress.


That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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