Relax and Enjoy the Ride

I have been pushing against the river recently.  I have forgotten, at times, that I should be flowing with it.  Today we look at one of the most important things in life – to learn to relax and enjoy the ride.


No drifting allowed

I have had many discussions with people regarding the best way to flow with the river.  These discussions usually wind up examining whether we should relax and make no effort.  Then we let the river just take us wherever we need to go.  This is drifting with the flow of the river.


My view is that the river is there to help us get where we need to go.  While we are always within the flow of the river we can still determine where we want to go.  If we want to stop at an island in the middle of the stream then we chart a course and make for that island.  The river is still moving us, but we are moving ourselves with in the flow.


If we were to just drift with the river, we may never get to that island.  The river would take us near it – but unless it took us directly to the island we could not stop there.


The same goes for other features of the river.  Many rivers have backwaters that are stagnant.  If we should drift into them we could waste a lot of time waiting to get out.  When we realize that we can get ourselves out – then we have more control of our destiny.  Drifting just gets us marooned in the backwaters.


Many rivers have snags, shoals, rocks, and other hazards.  If we just drift with the river then we have no control over these either.  If the river takes us towards a shoal we have no way to prevent being beached.  Nor could we avoid a snag or rock if those are the hazards.  Once again, drifting with the river can just get us in trouble.


Chart your course

The next time you are tempted to drift with the river, please reconsider.  Recognize that you can chart your own course that will avoid the backwaters and shoals.  Choose what you want in life and go for it – the river will help you.  Your choices become the final piece to achieving your goals.


I almost forgot – remember to relax and enjoy the ride.  Accept the flow of the river.  Set your course within that flow.  Then relax and enjoy the ride.  You will be amazed at how much fun it can be when you realize that the ride is what is important.


The stopping points on the river are interesting – but the real fun is in learning to get between those stopping points successfully.  The fun is in the journey – so relax and enjoy the ride.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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