Listening to the Guides, er, Angels

We have all heard of angels.  I think that the concept of angels started with good intentions.  Unfortunately, like so many other things with organized religion, the idea lost the original intention.  I just call them guides.  Today we will see how to turn your angels into guides.


The original idea

It seems like the idea of angels started as way to remind us that we are not alone.  We were supposed to remember that our true nature was nonphysical.  In that nonphysical true nature we have access to individuals who help and guide us.


This guidance is completely nonphysical.  We only become aware of it nonphysically when we are quiet and in the moment.  Also, since the advice is nonphysical, we frequently misinterpret it.  The reason for the misinterpretation is that we are attempting to translate concepts between the physical and the nonphysical without a true understanding of the nonphysical.


Because of these issues – and many other self serving efforts by the religions – these guides have become what we call angels.  That is why they are “difficult” to understand.  Also, the religions have given the angels authority over us.  Consequently, we do not view them as equals.  All of this causes a tremendous separation between us and our guides, er, angels.


Meet your guides

Let’s try to get the mental picture of angels out of our minds.  Until we do so we cannot truly understand our guides.


Our guides want us to view them as equals.  They offer us advice – but we make all the decisions.


Imagine sitting around your living room with a group of your friends.  Everyone is relaxed and having a pleasant conversation.  The subject of the conversation is you.  You are explaining what you want to do.  You explain your objectives, how you plan to achieve them, and what you see as your challenges to achieving them.


In turn, they offer their advice – based on their experience.  They may have a little more experience than you, like an older brother or sister.  Still, there is not that much difference that everyone does not consider themselves as equal.


Nobody is saying: “You have to do this.”  Nobody is threatening you, giving you orders, or making you feel inferior.  All the guides are attempting to do is to help you with your learning and growth.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Who knows – next week it might be your turn to be a guide to someone who is your guide today.


So try this.  Instead of thinking of angels imagine yourself sitting in your living room having a conversation.  When you are in the moment you will be able to hear your guides giving you advice.  Stay in the moment and do everything that you can to follow that advice.  Hopefully you will get through the rough patches a little bit more easily.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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