Our Daily Spiritual Bread

Today we look at our daily sustenance.  The question is – “Where do we get our daily spiritual inspiration?”  Let’s take a few minutes and find out.



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Thankful Friday

As always – we take a moment on Friday to express our thanks.  This week we received several supportive emails from our readers.  Thank you for your expressions of support!


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Spirituality is everywhere

I have a very basic and pragmatic approach to spirituality.  For my money, spirituality must be a part of our daily life.  It is something that we attempt to live every minute.  Therefore, our daily life becomes our spirituality.


Spirituality is not something that we only do in church on Sundays.  Nor is it something we do only when we meditate, practice yoga, or wear our neighbors down with our Buddhist chants.  Yes, we are practicing our spirituality when we do those things.  We also need to be living our spirituality.  We do this by incorporating spirituality into everything we do.


Watching a movie

We incorporate spirituality into our daily life by accepting it as a natural part of our every day life.  We will look at an example of how to do this as we choose, and then watch, a movie.


So we want to watch a movie.  If we think that spirituality is a separate part of our life, we might think that we need to watch a “spiritual” or “spiritually uplifting” movie.  This restricts our choice of movies to only those that we have judged to be this type of movie.


We may not realize it, but we are restricting our definition of spirituality to a certain group of movies.  We are saying that I can only have a spiritual movie experience if I view certain movies.


My point is that we can find spiritual experiences in absolutely everything that happens to us.  If we stay in the moment and listen to ourselves we will pick the movie that has the spiritual example that we need at that time.  Try it sometime – you will be amazed at the movies you choose.  And what you learn from them.


By using this process to select a movie we are much more open to a wide range of spiritual examples.  The movie may have a main character that does not exemplify spirituality very well. So what?  This could be an opportunity to say to your self:  “If I was that character I would do this differently.”  This gives us an opportunity to learn to apply our spirituality in a variety of different situations.


The main point here is to be open to spiritual experiences in every single thing that happens to us each day.  I choose a movie that feels right – without a filter of prejudged ideas regarding spirituality.


This is not to say that we need to deliberately set out to gain experience that does not lead to our spirituality.  Instead we attempt to put away our prejudgments and be open to what our true self is telling us to do.  And then we learn from the experience.


In this way we get all the daily spiritual sustenance we need.  It is all around us every minute.  All we have to do is allow it to be there.


Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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