We Want Safety and Security

We all want safety and security.  But where do these things come from?  When we look for safety and security in the wrong places we never find it.  Today we discover the source of our safety and security.


Thankful Friday

We always start the Friday post with our thanks.  This week we thank all of our new readers.  Our daily visits have nearly doubled (again) and we have added a few more subscribers to the daily update.  Thank you for taking the time from your busy day to read what we write on this site.


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What are safety and security?

Unfortunately we each have a different idea of what safety and security are.  However, a common aspect of what most of us think are safety and security is that it is something that is outside of us.  Most of us think that safety and security are found in external circumstances.


One person might think that safety means living in a nice neighborhood.  Another might think that security is having a lot of money – in the bank.  Another person might think that security is having a lot of money – but not in the bank.


No matter how we envision our safety and security, we will never find it in external situations.  This idea took me a long time to accept and understand.  However, there are very few things about which I am more sure.


Safety and security come from inside of us

What is it that is inside of us that could provide safety and security?  Take a minute – think about it.  Of course – the answer is our true self.  Our true self is the source of everything that we need in our life.


Of course we need food, shelter, and clothing.  We are trained to think that we get these from “struggling” with the environment.  We have to find a job to get the clothes and food and shelter.  We spend all of our waking moments consumed by the “struggle”.


As we learn to trust our true self we realize that there is no need to struggle.  We still need food, clothes, and shelter.  True self finds ways to gain these things without the customary “struggle”.  When we listen to true self we find new ways that we never saw before to provide the same food, etc.  These new ways are also much easier because they no longer require the “struggle”.


And how do we access our true self?  By staying in the moment – of course!  As we learn to stay in the moment we learn that all that we really need not what we want – is provided.  What is provided is much different than what the false self thinks it wants.  However, as we learn to stay in the moment we learn to recognize that what is provided is what we actually need.  Who cares about anything else?


As long as we stay in the moment and have ourselves – what else can we possibly need?


Have a great weekend!


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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