The Court Jester

Recently I was thinking about the concept of the court jester.  Must of us know that the court jester played a fool and was an entertainer.  One of the interesting things about the court jester was that he was also the one to say things that no one else could.  Today we look at what this means to our spirituality.


Be your own court jester

Last week we published a post called “Be Your Own Guru”.  Today’s post could almost be called “Be Your Own Court Jester”.   Today we look at two of the aspects of being a court jester that all of us should consider incorporating into our daily life.  The first is the ability to laugh at ourselves.  The second is bringing bad news and saying those things that others are too afraid of saying.


Laughing at ourselves

A few months ago we talked about the importance of learning to laugh at ourselves.  Our point at that time was that laughing at ourselves is a sign that we like ourselves.  It means that we do not take ourselves so seriously that we cannot see the humor in our mistakes.


Another point is that being able to laugh at ourselves is very healthy.  Laughing at ourselves always lightens up the situation.  It lets others know that we are able to relax and see the humor in our own actions.  It is an offering of vulnerability which we have also seen is a sign of strength.


Take a bit of guidance from the wisdom of the court jester.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  It will smooth over many difficult situations.


Bringer of bad news

Another aspect of responsibility for the court jester was to bring bad news.  The court jester was usually allowed to say anything that he wanted.  Most of the time he was granted immunity for whatever he said.


Wise kings realized that there was no free speech in their kingdoms.  Almost everyone was afraid to tell the king truths that he may not want to hear.  Also, most courtiers were afraid to give the king bad news.


Wise kings understood this and realized that they still needed to hear what people were reluctant to tell them.  They allowed the court jester to be the one to say what others were reluctant to say.  Many jesters learned to phrase these difficult words in a joking and humorous fashion.  They did this out of self preservation – they knew that if they were too blunt it might be the last thing they ever said.


Spiritually we must learn to bring our selves the bad news.  We must learn to tell ourselves what no one else is willing to tell us.  This goes hand in hand with being accepting of a situation.


When we are in denial we do not want to know the bad news.  We hope it goes away.  As we know, when we are in denial we are also not in the moment.  Learning to want to hear the bad news is good training for being accepting.  It is a good start towards being in the moment.


Be your own court jester.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  Learn to tell yourself the bad news.  You will be that much closer to your true happiness.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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