Go Figure

I heard an interesting idea in a conversation last week.  Someone mentioned that we are always trying to figure things out.  This attempt at figuring things out is what keeps us from many understandings.  Today we look at this idea.  Go figure.


Welcome back

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  In this part of the northeastern US we had warm weather.   I am hoping that spring has finally arrived.


If I remember correctly, the subject of today’s blog was mentioned during one of the conference calls which Unmani hosted last week.  The idea is that our mind is always trying to figure things out.  Many of us have found that as long as we are trying to figure things out we are actually pushing them away.


We all want to know things.  That is just natural.  However, when we “try to figure things out” we are in actuality forcing our way towards understanding. 

We force things because we do not have the self confidence to believe that we can achieve without force.  Forcing is an act of disbelief in out true power.


Figuring it out

Consequently, when we try to figure things out we are really saying that we do not have faith in ourselves to know the answer.  We believe false self when it says that the answer has to come from outside of ourselves and not from inside.


Figuring things out is an act of doubt.  We doubt that we have an answer so we have to go find one.  Since the answer we find is based on false self, it probably won’t be a very good answer.  The answer may be just as false as is our false self.  That’s what we get for trying to figure things out.


Relax into the answer

This may seem counterintuitive, but we usually find the best answers when we learn to relax into them.  I am not saying to sit around on your couch and wait for the answers to come.  I am saying that we ask for an answer and then go about our daily life.


As long as we keep the chatter in our head subdued we will be able to hear the answer when it comes.  The answer is usually accompanied by a peaceful feeling.  We ask for an answer – then we relax into the peacefulness of that answer when it arrives.


In contrast, when we are trying to figure things out we are frequently in an agitated state.  The chatter in our head is so loud that we cannot hear the answer when it comes.  Also, we are so tense from the “figuring out” process that we cannot relax into any answers that come.  All in all, figuring things out never gets us anywhere.  Learning to be in the moment and listening for those quiet and peaceful answers always works much better.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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