Be Your Own Guru

The theme running through many of our posts of the last few weeks has been that we should learn to trust ourselves.  Today we just come right out and say it – be your own guru.  We learn more about that today.


Thankful Friday

As always we take a minute on Friday to extend our thanks.  Today we thank our readers.  Over the past few weeks our daily number of page views has nearly doubled.  I thank all of you who have taken the time out of your busy day to read these writings.


On Friday we also thank WordPress and FeedBurner for making the tools available that allows me to write and distribute and you to read this blog for free.  Thanks WordPress and FeedBurner!


And the answer is…

Inside of you.  This concept has been at the base of almost every post we have published in the past few weeks.  I cannot stress how important this idea is.  When we learn to trust ourselves we also learn that we are not alone.


At first, this idea might seem counterintuitive.  Like so many other aspects of spiritual logic, the false self just does not comprehend.  However, our true self does understand this.  When we look for the answer inside of our self we find all the other people who are doing the same.  Then we realize that we are not alone in our quest.



We also find our confidence inside of our selves.  In previous posts we have seen how we cannot prove our spirituality.  Our spirituality exists and we learn to accept and trust it.  This trust builds confidence.  In time, living our spirituality becomes a habit.  We learn that when we break out of our spirituality we again experience the pain.  The pain becomes our feedback mechanism to tell us that we have reverted to our old habits.


Just a moment

The one skill that ties this all together is learning to be in the moment.  Yes – I said skill.  Being in the moment is something that we learn to do.  It does not happen all by itself – otherwise we would already be in the moment.


We have pointed out several sources for learning to be – and stay – in the moment.  Our favorite is the series of videos that Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey made last year.  I urge you to view those videos and practice as much of the guidance found there as you can.


Staying in the moment is the key to being our own guru.  Our true self is the most accessible when we are in the moment.  False self always tinges our experience with fear, anger, self doubt, and the like.  True self comes through most clearly when we are in the moment.


I urge you to learn the skill of being in the moment.  Only then will you find your true self.  Having found yourself you can now be your own guru.


Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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