Talking About Vocabulary: Perfect

Today we continue to look at our spiritual vocabulary.  Many people in the spiritual community describe everything as being “perfect”.  I prefer the idea that everything is just the way it should be at this moment.  Read on to understand the subtle but important difference in these phrasings.


Thankful Friday

This week my thanks go to Jessica Unmani King.  I met Unmani on Sunday at the Circle of Miracles in Doylestown, PA.  On Tuesday I also participated in the conference call that Unmani facilitates.  I want to thank Unmani for giving me most of my ideas for the posts that I wrote this week.  I also have ideas for additional posts that we will be reading during the next few weeks.


As always we thank WordPress and FeedBurner for providing the tools for all of us to write, read, and distribute this blog for free.  Thanks WordPress and FeedBurner!


Nothing is perfect

Those on their spiritual path understand the importance of accepting things as they are.  This is an important aspect of being in the moment.  When we do not accept things as they are we are in denial, and by definition, not in the moment.


Many of us describe this idea as accepting that everything is perfect.  By accepting the moment, we are accepting the perfection of the moment.  That sounds good.


My objection comes from our concept of perfection.  Many of us perceive that if something is perfect it does not need to be or cannot be changed.  In my humble opinion this can prevent us from recognizing that we can change a situation that we accept but do not like.


I am constantly drawn to the example that Eckhart Tolle provided.  We find ourselves standing knee deep in mud.  Do we like it? No.  Is it perfect? No.  Can we change it? Yes.  Must we accept that this situation is at it should at this moment?  Yes, otherwise we cannot change it.


Everything is the way it should be

Many years ago, when I was first presented with this idea I had a very difficult time accepting that it was true.  However, I trusted my guide and over time began to understand that everything is just the way it should be at each and every moment.


That did not mean that I had to like each moment.  It just meant that each moment presented me with an opportunity to learn.  We touched on these concepts in a few of our recent posts – “Our Choice” and “Everything Is an Opportunity”.


These two posts investigate the ideas that everything in our life is a result of a choice that we have made and that everything in our life is an opportunity for learning.  As we work with these two ideas we begin to learn how to accept our life as it is in this moment.


Our life is not perfect – there are a lot of things we would like to change.  But it is just fine the way it is at this moment because we have created it.  Because we have created it the way it is, we can also change it to what our vision of what we want it to be.  That vision is based on what we learned as we created our life to what it is right now.


I hope this post gave everyone a bit to think about over the weekend.  Please post your comments and questions.  It would be great to have a discussion about this topic.  Have a great weekend!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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