Strength in Vulnerability

On this blog, in the past, we have heard about the importance of vulnerability.  The idea of being vulnerable has come up in several recent conversations.  We take another look at why it is important to understand vulnerability.


Being vulnerable means being accepting

There is a misperception that being vulnerable means being weak.  When we are vulnerable we are not accepting of what is happening around us.  Being in the moment, means we are accepting the situation and the people in it.


Remember what we have said in the past about being in the moment – when we are in the moment we always know what to do.  There is a little voice that is telling us when to speak, when to be quite, when to act, when to keep still.


Being in the moment is very powerful – it is not a state of weakness.  That is probably why we often equate vulnerability to weakness.  It appears that we are allowing everyone to run rough shod over us when we are vulnerable.  In reality, we are choosing to refrain from getting swept up in everyone else’s false self fears.


Wanting to control comes from fear

Many times when we choose not to be vulnerable we choose to be controlling instead.  When we fear that we will not get what we want out of a situation we frequently choose to attempt to control that situation.


The reason why we are fearful of not getting what we want from a situation is that we are afraid that we do not have the ability to achieve our goals without force.  Control of a situation is an attempt to force the situation into what we want it to be.


When we force a situation we are saying “I don’t care about anyone else – I am going to get what I want from this situation.”  Any time that we choose to act in this manner we are doing it from fear.  We are so afraid that we choose to act with disrespect for those around us because we do not think they will help us to get what we want.


Being controlling is not being in the moment

Wanting to control a situation is also not accepting the situation.  When we are not accepting of things we are not in the moment.  When we are not in the moment we are acting from false self.  And, as we have asked so many times before on this blog, when has acting from false self ever brought us anything but unhappiness?


I don’t know about you, but acting from my false self has never brought me anything that was in my best interest.  Whenever I find myself attempting to force or control a situation, I remind myself that I am attempting to force reality to be what I want it to be.


At that point I usually realize that I have slipped out of the moment.  I do whatever it takes to get me back in the moment, accept the situation rather than want to force it, and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let the situation go wherever it needs to take me so that I can find the best answer.


Please stop trying to control your life.  Please learn to be vulnerable enough to allow your life to take you to your natural internal happiness.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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