From Data to Wisdom

Earlier this week in our post “Put Down the Books” we mentioned how we take information and achieve wisdom.  Unfortunately we did not have the time to give a detailed explanation.  Today we will look at that process in greater depth.


It starts with data

Data is uncorrelated information.  Like the number 2.  2 by itself does not mean anything.  To give it meaning we must associate it with something – 2 people, 2 cars, 2 cups of coffee.


Here is some spiritual data.  You are not your body.  When we first hear this we have no correlation with the idea.  At least, I know I had no correlation for it.  I bet most of you did not either.


Data becomes information through association

We just looked at the idea that 2 by itself is data.  When we correlate it with something it can become information.  2 does not mean anything.  2 cups of coffee means something.  We associate “2” with “cups of coffee” and it becomes information.


Spiritually, we take “you are not your body” and we associate it with our current understanding of who we are.  We associate it with our current understanding of what our body is.  We may not yet agree with the idea – but we at least have changed “you are not your body” from data to information by comparing it to our current ideas.


Information becomes understanding and knowledge through usage

We take the information “2 cups of coffee” and we use it.  We find that we like two cups of coffee in the morning.  However, two cups of coffee at lunch gives us the jitters.  By using the information we begin to understand it.  We begin to know it.


Spiritually, we take the information “you are not your body” and use it.  We may find ourselves in a situation where we have a cold.  We may remember “you are not your body” and we concentrate on going to work instead of staying at home to dwell on how sick we are.  We finish the day and realize that, for that day, we were not our body.  Our true self ignored our cold and we concentrated on our day at work – not our health, or lack thereof.  We begin to know that we are not our body.


When understanding and knowledge guide us they become wisdom

As we use our knowledge and understanding we learn to let them guide us.  Gradually we incorporate what we know into our life and it becomes wisdom.  I know that I enjoy two cups of coffee in the morning.  My preference is to have those two cups whenever possible.  However, two cups of coffee at lunch makes me a bit jittery at work.  It is wiser for me to avoid coffee at lunch.


Spiritually, we have had many experiences where we used the knowledge “you are not your body”.  We have gradually accepted the idea – and we are guided by it whenever we see the opportunity.  Gradually we have learned that we are much happier when we do not identify ourselves with our body.  We have become wiser and happier because by not identifying with our body we have opened up our mind to understanding who we truly are.


Do you have a comment or question about this?  I would love to hear from you.  Please take the time to post your comments or questions in the form provided below.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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