Put Down the Books

I witnessed a very inspiring presentation yesterday.  Jessica Unmani King spoke at the Circle of Miracles.  Amongst her several messages there was one that she kept repeating – those of us on the path do not need another book, another lecture, another presentation.  We need to start looking to ourselves for the answers.  Her presentation inspired this post.  Today we look to ourselves for the answers.


Welcome back!

As usual, we welcome everyone back from their weekends.  We trust that everyone had a safe and happy weekend.  We had reasonably good weather here in this part of the northeastern US.


Please stop the compulsive reading

In the last few months I have mentioned to several of my friends that they should stop reading any “spiritual” books for at least 12 months.  This comment always seems to be met with puzzled looks on their faces.


These people all have been on their paths for many years.  They have amassed a great deal of information about how to be spiritual.  My comment is intended to get them to realize that they have enough information – they just need to move that information into understanding.  With time, understanding becomes wisdom.  But we will cover that in a future post.


The important point here is that most of us have all the information that we need for right now.  What we need to do is to apply that information and begin acquiring understanding and wisdom.  We wrote about this idea a few weeks ago in our post “Ghandi Said to Practice.”


We can learn only so much by studying – eventually we have to go into the world and apply what we have learned.  That is how learning becomes a tool with which we can live our lives in a much more peaceful manner.


Look inside for the answers

As we learn to apply the ideas and lessons that we have studied we teach ourselves another important lesson – all the answers are inside of us.  Yes, we have all heard that said hundreds of times.  We have probably said it many times ourselves.  However, do we know what it really means?


If we really understood it we would have much less need to read the latest spiritual book.  We would understand that we cannot get an answer from a book.  At best, a book can give us a thought that resonates with a thought that is inside of us.  The book does not give us the answer – it clarifies something that we already know.


Becoming independent

If we are to be truly spiritually independent we must eventually trust ourselves for the answers.  Learning this self trust has been very helpful for me in several ways.


First, if something comes up for which I need understanding – I don’t have to wait until I get home and look it up in a book.  I know that the answer I get from myself is good enough for now – further understanding will come later as needed.


Second, I cannot convey to you the empowerment of knowing that you can trust yourself for the answers.  When you know that you have the answers you need for every situation, you realize the power that you truly have.  This does not mean that everything always works out the way you want it to.  It just means that you have an unshakable confidence in yourself to accomplish what ever objective you decide to achieve – no matter how long it takes or what the cost is.


Finally, looking to myself has made life much easier.  I do not worry about making the right decision – every decision is the best decision at that moment.  I learn from every decision.  Nor do I have doubts about myself.  This is very calming and peaceful.  I may rethink a decision or some of my actions – but I do not doubt them.  I learn how to make a better decision or take more effective actions, but there is no longer any doubt that I did the best thing for that moment.


Tomorrow we will take a look at a way to bring the new ideas and concepts that we need into our lives.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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