Our Choice

One of the subtle points on my spiritual journey has been to truly understand that everything that is in my life is there as a result of a choice that I made.  Today we look more closely at this idea.


I chose this?

Many years ago my guide and teacher told me that everything that was in my life was a result of a choice that I had made.  My initial reaction was one of disbelief.  I chose to be in this mess?  No way.


Over the years I began to think about and learn to accept this concept.  Since I always trusted my teacher on these major points, I began by grudgingly admitting that there must be some truth to this idea.  It was incumbent on me to understand what this idea meant.


I chose the lifetime

My next step was to admit to, and accept that I had deliberately chosen to have a lifetime on this planet at this time.  For better or worse, I had also chosen to be born to my parents.  For many of us, this can be a big leap of faith.


Frequently we resist admitting that we chose this lifetime and our parents.  I urge you to accept this concept, whether or not you understand it at this moment.  When we do not accept that we have chosen this lifetime and our parents we cannot reach the self empowerment that comes from accepting that our lives are created by our choices.


And everything in it

At first, I sort of held the idea that I had chosen everything in my life as a theory.  I looked at it and said to myself that I have been told that this is true, but I do not yet actually understand how it could be true.


Over the years I watched.  I watched myself make decisions.  I watched the results of those decisions.  I watched how I acted when I made a decision that was not in my best interests.


Gradually I saw that, in fact, everything that I had in my life was truly the result of a decision that I had made.  Some of those decisions went back to my childhood or my teen age years.  I finally accepted that everything that was in my life was from a choice that I had made.


The empowerment

As I saw that I had created my life through the choices that I had made, I also saw that my empowerment came from changing my life through my decisions.  If I had made the choices that created my life – I could also make the choices to change that life.  If there were things that I did not like in my life all I had to do was decide on how to change them to something that I wanted to be in my life.


Once we make the decision on what we want in our life we have done the easier part.  The more difficult part is to actually make the change.  That requires effort, learning, perseverance, and staying in the moment.


I have found this type of directed and conscious life more difficult, but infinitely more rewarding.  I urge you to find the same type of life for yourself.  I want you to find the peace that I have found that comes from living your life deliberately.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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