You Are the Silver Bullet

Yesterday we looked at the concept of the “silver bullet”.  We pretty much concluded that there is no silver bullet.  However, if you look at the post carefully, there is an exception to this idea.  Today we explore that exception.


External vs. Internal

Over the last few months we have looked at the idea of external fulfillment and contrasted it with internal fulfillment.  All external methods of happiness – people, objects, money, power, etc. – are associated with the false self.  This includes proof of our spirituality, looking to a personal relationship for happiness, and external solutions to our “problems”.


When we look for a silver bullet to solve our “problem” we are, in truth, acting from false self.  We are allowing the fear that emanates from false self to look for an external solution to a problem that we want solved.


This fear may come from a variety of sources.  The problem might be so big that false self does not think it can solve it.  The problem might be something we have attempted to resolve before and we are afraid that we are still unable to resolve it.  The problem might require us to do something of which our false self is afraid.


No matter the reason – when we look for a silver bullet solution we are acting in a fearful manner and from our false self.


True self is the silver bullet

When we realize that the base of wanting a silver bullet is our fear, we can start to look for an internal answer.  The first part of the answer is to look at the fear that caused us to want the silver bullet solution.  Until we accept and understand that fear we will continue to look for the silver bullet.


Now that we are accepting that the answers to all of our “problems” come from our internal guidance, we can see our options more clearly.  False self always clouds the resolutions with its fear.  True self sees through those fears and finds the best answer for that moment.


Now we can see that our true self is the true silver bullet.  When we act from true self we see right through false self to the answers.  Our silver bullet solution actually comes from inside not outside.  Please remember this the next time you notice your false self looking for an external silver bullet.  Remind yourself that false self is looking in the wrong place.


How do we fire the silver bullet?

That is simple – stay in the moment.  We have talked extensively on this site about staying in the moment.  We have even suggested a few techniques regarding how to be observant and stay in the moment.  As long as we are in the moment false self has no affect on us.


Please practice being in the moment whenever you can.  This will automatigically arm you with an unlimited number of silver bullets.  The rest is up to you – your true self, that is.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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