There Is No Silver Bullet

Does anyone remember the Lone Ranger?  It started out as radio show and then became a TV show.  The hero, the Lone Ranger, was famous for shooting silver bullets.  The idea of a silver bullet seems to originate in folklore as a “magic” solution to a problem.  Today we look at why silver bullets do not exist – or do they?


Welcome back

I trust everyone had a great weekend.  We had seasonable weather in this part of the northeast US.  This was also Valentine’s Day, President’s Day weekend, and the Daytona 500 was run.  As an automobile racing fan, I was glad to see the season get underway again.


Silver bullets are nice

At one time or another we all want silver bullets.  We want nice, simple, straightforward, easy, solutions to our “problems”.  We want to shoot a silver bullet and make all of our problems go away.  The question is – why do we want a silver bullet solution?


Actually, it is not us that wants the silver bullet solution.  It is our false self that wants the solution.  We, as our true self, recognize that “silver bullet” solutions rarely exist.  We will see more about this in tomorrow’s post.


In reality, it is our false self that wants silver bullet solutions.  Remember, false self is based on fear.  False self is afraid of any change.  False self is afraid of doing anything that it does not understand or want to do.


Silver bullet solutions are enthralling

For false self, a silver bullet solution is very persuasive.  It offers the opportunity to make a problem magically disappear.  The problem goes way and we never have to think about it again.  The fallacy is that this is just another way of being in denial.


False self wants the problem to magically disappear.  This solution never works because false self has never taken the time to look at and understand the “problem”.  It is afraid to look at the problem, so it just wants it to go away. 


However, if we do not understand the problem and why it occurred, then we never truly solve the problem.  Since we do not understand the problem, it will happen again.  When it happens again we will get a new opportunity to look at and understand the problem.


It’s all about learning

Some would view this as karma.  I see it as learning.  We encounter what we call a “problem”.  We get an opportunity to learn about something that will help us to resolve the problem.  We also get a silver bullet solution.  When false self opts for the silver bullet solution we do not learn anywhere near as much as what we learn when true self rolls up our sleeves and starts to resolve the situation.


It is always our choice.  Do we want to allow false self to delay the learning or do we, as true self, want to learn now?  I have found that it is much more efficient when we choose to learn now.


After all this – there is one possibility that there just might be a silver bullet.  Join us tomorrow when we look at that possibility.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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