Opportunity Keeps Knocking

Yesterday we heard about how true self sees everything as an opportunity.  Today we look at the old saying “Opportunity knocks but once.”  We will explore the idea that opportunity keeps knocking – we just need to learn to hear it.


Say it ain’t so

Ok – it ain’t so!  I am officially saying that it is not true that opportunity only knocks once.  To go back to what we use as our touchstone on this blog – “we exist to learn and grow and to share that learning and growth with each other.”


Because we exist to learn and grow, then all of Existence is there to help us with that learning and growth.  If we need something to advance our learning and growth, Existence must provide it.


That something that we need to learn and grow is the same as an opportunity.  When we say that we need something, we are actually saying that we need an opportunity for learning.  When we ask for learning, Existence always provides that opportunity.


By that logic, when we are looking for an opportunity, we are always answered.  The opportunities actually come in multiple ways.  We heard about how those answers come to us in our post “Ask and You Will be Answered.”  The bottom line is that the opportunities keep coming until we finally see one that works for us.  In this sense, opportunity keeps knocking until we finally answer the door.


What the saying means

Here is my perspective on what this old saying really means.  I think that it is trying to remind us that we need to learn to recognize opportunity as soon as we can.  Once we have asked for an opportunity to learn, the sooner we see that opportunity the sooner we continue our path of learning.


Another aspect of this old saying is that we will frequently get caught in self doubt.  We have repeatedly seen how the false self does not like change.  An opportunity represents change.  This can be quite scary to the false self.  It may want an opportunity but it does not want to change anything in the process.


I think that this old saying is telling us to listen to our true self.  When an opportunity resonates with us, then we should not listen to the fear and doubts of false self.  It has never been very wise before, so why should we accept its advice now?


One final word

Just because you see an opportunity now, do not think that you must follow it.  We are always presented with a range of opportunities.  The one you see now may sound good, but for some reason it does not resonate with your true self.  Do not worry – an opportunity that does resonate is on the way.  You just have to learn to be in the moment and patient.  Eventually you will see the best opportunity for you – at this moment.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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