Everything Is an Opportunity

I was talking to a friend the other day about some of the new things that are happening in our lives.  We started talking about the opportunities we were experiencing.  Eventually the comment was made that “everything is an opportunity.”  We hear about that idea today.


True self sees opportunities

Let’s take a minute and repeat something that we have mentioned on this site several times in the past.  The reason that we exist is to learn and grow.  We then share that learning and growth with those around us.


With that as our most important priority, true self has a relatively easy time of understanding new circumstances.  As each new situation occurs, true self sees an opportunity to learn something new.  To our true self it is quite simple – if nothing ever changed we would never learn anything.  Therefore, when things change that means we have an opportunity to learn something new.


False self does not like change

We have also written a great deal about how fearful our false self is.  Basically, false self is just a big ball of fear, anger, denial, and violence.  On top of all that, it does not want anything to change in its life that it does not understand or agree with.


Because false self is founded on fear, it cannot like anything that it does not understand.  So, if something changes that it does not understand, then it becomes fearful of the change.  As a result, when we allow our false self to be in charge, we become inflexible and dread any changes to our life.


It’s our choice

At the end of the day it becomes our choice.  Are we going to be our true self and look at everything as an opportunity?  Are we going to allow our false self to continue its reign of terror in our life and be fearful of any and all changes that it does not understand?


That is the essence of retraining the false self.  Over time, with work and perseverance, we can retrain the false self.  As we retrain the false self it dawns on us that we are much happier than we once were.  We realize that the false self was really quite unhappy and in retraining it we have ceased to allow that unhappiness to dominate out life.


Trust me, this can happen.  I was once very unhappy and dreaded any change.  I have learned to see more of the opportunities in life, and have become much happier.  My sincere desire is that you find the same happiness for yourself.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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