Admitting a Mistake

This is another post in our continuing series “How Barack Obama Exemplifies Spirituality”.  Today we look at the spiritual aspects of how he admitted a mistake regarding his recent cabinet nominees.


Welcome back

First, I want to welcome everyone back from the weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  In this part of the northeastern US we finally had a warm and sunny weekend.  My toes are warm for the first time in weeks!


Maturity admits mistakes

Over the years I have noticed a correlation between emotional maturity and spirituality.  For many of us the more we mature emotionally the deeper our spirituality becomes.


My opinion is that the more emotionally mature we become the more we look at others rather than our selves.  When we are entirely focused on ourselves it is very difficult to admit a mistake.  To admit a mistake requires us to be vulnerable and to trust that others will not attack that vulnerability.


The cabinet nominees

When Barack Obama admitted that he had made a mistake in appointing two of his cabinet nominees he was making himself vulnerable.  He mitigated some of that vulnerability by being proactive and sitting for the round of interviews with the TV networks.  However, in the end he still had to trust that he would not be attacked while he was vulnerable.


In my humble opinion this admission of a mistake continues to show that Barack Obama attempts to operate in a spiritual manner.  Like all of us, I am sure that there are times that he falls short of his objectives.  However, there is plenty of evidence that he is adamant about his spirituality in the face of the pitfalls that currently constitute American politics.


Admitting a mistake may seem like a small thing.  However, contrast this admission with the previous administration that could never make such an admission so frankly.


Barack Obama clearly followed his internal guidance and admitted a mistake despite the conventional wisdom that cowers from any hint of vulnerability.  Let’s hope that our president continues to listen to and then follow his internal guidance.  It has worked for him so far and we hope that it will continue to work for him.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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One Response to Admitting a Mistake

  1. I fully agree with you about the vulnerability of our President Obama. I am very happy to have him as President. I see in him a spiritual center, almost a Zen-like quality about him.

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