Keep on Truckin’

During my teen age years there was common saying “Keep on truckin’”.  At the time it meant that we needed to keep on moving, keep on keeping on.  It was an aspiration and a reminder that if our generation wanted to accomplish our revolutionary objectives we had to persevere.  Today we look at perseverance.


The best laid plans

Yesterday we talked about applying our spiritual understandings.  We said that one can sit and study only so long before they must apply what is being learned.  Today we hear about how perseverance keeps us applying those lessons until they are learned.


I have found that once we decide to move out of the intellectualization of our lessons into applying them we get frustrated.  After all, we took along time to understand what was wrong with our life.  Then we took a long time figuring out how to fix it.  Many times we think that the actual fixing should not take very long.


We often get upset when our plans to fix our life go astray.  We had a beautiful plan that did not seem to get off the ground.  What we discovered was the difference between understanding and application.  We did not realize that there was a difference between knowing what needed to be done and understanding how to do it.  There was nothing wrong with our plan – it is just that we were either attached to the details of how to execute the plan or we were attached to the outcome of the plan.


Stick to it

A good analogy here is the one about battle plans.  A general and the general staff plan extensively for an upcoming battle.  As soon as the battle starts the plan becomes moot.  The first few minutes of the battle negated the plan because of circumstances not covered in the plan.


Does the general give up just because the plan could no longer be used?  No.  The general improvises.  He and his staff are trained for this type of situation and they realize that it will be their perseverance that will cause them to prevail.  Through their will, their visualization of their goal, and their perseverance, they will overcome the loss of their plan.


We must learn to do the same thing with our personal and spiritual growth.  We see that we are not happy and need to change some things in our life.  We take our best shot at making those changes.  That best shot causes us to fall flat on out face.  Yes, we are hurt.  We might even be embarrassed.  But what do we do?


You know the answer to that.  We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again.


My teacher used to tell me that you will turn away from the path a thousand times.  He said not to worry about that because you will also turn back to the path a thousand and one times.


When the going on your spiritual path gets rough, don’t worry.  Just reach inside you and find the peace and calm of your true self.  That is where you will find the perseverance to keep going.  Gradually you will learn to trust your true self without hesitation.  Just keep on truckin’.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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