The Bull Doesn’t Care if You Are a Vegetarian

Today’s post looks at two aspects of this idea.  The first is that the bull is going to do what he is supposed to do.  We need to accept what the bull does.  The second aspect is that we do things because they need to be done – not what we expect to get from them.


The inspiration

Today’s post was inspired by a song sung by Annabella Wood at the Circle of Miracles in Doylestown, PA a few months ago.  One of the lines in the song talked about the fact that the bull does not care of we are a vegetarian – he is going to protect his space by charging you if he needs to do so.


At the time I thought this was quite a humorous concept.  I have thought about the idea several times over the last few months and have seen two different ways to look at this idea.  I am sure there are more ways to look at it.  Please submit a comment with your perspective on this idea.


The universe is going to do what it needs to do

The first way that I saw to look at this idea was that all too often we say to the universe “Stop!  I don’t like what is happening so you need to stop.”  Even after we are run over by the universe countless times, some of us never understand that the universe is going to do what it needs to do.  It will run us over when we stand in the way.


The trick is to be accepting.  We need to recognize that if we get in the bull’s space the bull will feel threatened.  He is going to charge at us in order to get us out of his space.  He does not care if we are vegetarian.  He does not care how spiritual we are.  His job in the universe at that moment is to protect his space – so he charges us.  We need to accept that – and not take it personally.


We do what we do without attachment to the outcome

Another way that I saw to interpret today’s idea is that we often get attached to the outcome of what we do.  Sometimes we fall into thinking that as long as we are being spiritual then only “good” things will happen to us.  If something “bad” happens it is because we were not spiritual enough.


Once again, if we are in the bull’s space he does not care if we are a vegetarian.  He is too busy protecting his space to ask us if we like to eat red meat.  All he knows is that he is responsible for protecting that space so he charges at us.


Did we become a vegetarian to keep from being charged by a bull?  Probably not.  However – why did we become a vegetarian?  Why did we decide to pursue a spiritual path?  What outcomes do we expect to see from those choices?  How attached are we to those outcomes?


Just like the bull not caring if we are a vegetarian, the universe does not really care if we are spiritual.  It is not going to stop doing what it needs to do just because we have an attachment to what our spirituality thinks it should be.


Once again the trick is to be accepting of the universe.  We may have an idea of what we think will happen as we become more spiritual.  However, we must at all times release any attachments to what we think that “should be”.


We must be open minded and accepting of the universe when it runs us over.  We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start learning what we missed in our thinking that caused the universe to run us over.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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