Keep Unraveling

This week we have talked in detail about baggage and attachments.  Today we take a last look at how important it is to keep unraveling our tapestry of attachments and letting go of our baggage.


Thankful Friday

As we always do on Friday we will give our thanks to those around us.  I want to thank my friend Judy for giving me the idea for the post yesterday.  I never know where the ideas will come from.  She came up with a really good one.


As always we thank WordPress and FeedBurner for making the free tools available that make publishing and distributing this site free to all concerned.  Thanks FeedBurner and WordPress!


If we are not unraveling we are knitting

Yesterday we visualized an interwoven tapestry of attachments.  We talked about how attachments get interconnected and woven into a tapestry.  We also stressed the importance of unraveling the tapestry.


The interesting thing is that if we are not unraveling the tapestry then we are knitting it.  In other words, until we learn to let go of our attachments and unravel the tapestry we are actually adding attachments.


This should seem logical.  All through our lifetime false self continues to build its false identity which is based on attachments.  Until we begin to see through the attachments we continue to add to the existing attachments.


Knitting and unraveling simultaneously

Another interesting phenomenon is that we can be both knitting and unraveling at the same time.  This occurs when we are just beginning to understand how to let go of attachments.  We may see some of our attachments in one area – like to possessions.  We have yet to see our attachments to people.


What happens is that we begin to unravel our tapestry where it concerns possessions.  But, we continue to create new attachments to the people who are in our life.  This is not a problem.  If you recognize that you are doing this congratulate yourself.  You have observed your behavior and now you can begin to change the behavior you have observed.  Remember – observation is always the first step towards any change.  Eventually you will unravel faster than you are knitting.  Just trust yourself.


How big is your tapestry?

I brought up this idea earlier this week.  Forgive me for repeating it, but I think it is important to end our discussion of baggage and attachments with it.


Have you ever noticed that many people get very unhappy as they get older?  That is because they are not unraveling their tapestry.  They have never learned just how devastating the interconnected attachments are.  Instead of unraveling their tapestry they have built a very large one.


It is never too late to learn true happiness by unraveling the tapestry.  How big is your tapestry?  Make a commitment to yourself that you will begin unraveling it right now.  Tell yourself that you no longer need the tapestry.  You have learned that happiness comes from your true self and the tapestry just gets in the way.


Have a great weekend!  Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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