A Tapestry of Attachments

I was talking with my friend Judy yesterday.  She asked me about what I had been writing for this blog.  I told her about the last few posts about baggage and attachments.  I also talked about how attachments are interconnected with each other.  She said “that is a tapestry of attachments.”  Today we look at that tapestry.


The interconnected attachments

Let’s take a look at how attachments can get interconnected.  This can happen in many ways.  We will look at one of the more common of those ways – the personal relationship.


Let’s say you are dating someone that you really like and want to marry.  You have such a crush on this person that you have a favorite song, a favorite TV show, a favorite place for dinner.  For you, your experience in the relationship is as identified with these additional things as it is with the person you are dating.


As it happens with many relationships, things fall apart.  You have become very attached to the person you were dating.  It may take a long time to get over that attachment.  As you get over the attachment to the person you start to recognize that you no longer want to go to dinner at that favorite place you had during the relationship.  Also, you no longer enjoy the favorite song or the TV show.  Whenever they come on you switch to something else.


The favorite place for dinner may be a very good restaurant with outstanding food.  You can no longer enjoy the food because of the interconnected attachment between that restaurant and you former relationship.  Does that make sense?  Not being able to enjoy a good meal because of a relationship that did not work out!  Or a great piece of music or a good TV show?


Unraveling the tapestry

We have talked about the pain of attachments in many of our posts.  We have shown how we do not experience true happiness until we begin to release our attachments.  When we look at the interconnected relationship of our attachments we are really talking about unraveling a tapestry of interconnected attachments.


To use our example from today – we have a relationship that does not work out and causes us pain.  I have chosen a few possible interconnected attachments that we may have developed during the relationship.  Each of us will have a different group of interconnected attachments – and there will probably be more than three or four in that group.


The trick is to see that they are interconnected and that they are keeping us from fully enjoying our life.  The interconnected attachments are keeping us from experiencing true happiness.


As we work on releasing a single attachment we do not necessarily have to work on the other attachments to which it is connected.  All we have to do is recognize that the attachments are connected to each other.  As we work through one attachment we begin on another in the tapestry.


Keep unraveling

At first it may not seem that we are getting anywhere.  That is because in the beginning we have so many attachments and they are so interconnected that progress may be hard to discern.


I urge you to keep working on the attachments.  Eventually you will see that you are making progress.  You will begin to see your tapestry of attachments beginning to unravel.  You will begin to experience true happiness from true self and that will become your motivation to continue to unravel the tapestry.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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