Bye Bye Baggage

We have looked at baggage for the last few days.  We have heard about where it comes from.  We have learned that we must accept the attachments before we can finally let go of the baggage.  Today we will go through the process of actually letting go of our baggage.


A brief look at letting go

It is quite a tall order to attempt to explain how to let go of attachments in a five hundred word post.  I will give it my best.


As we have discussed previously, we must first recognize that we do not want the attachments which make up our mental baggage.  This usually comes from the pain caused by those attachments.  We must get to a point that we see that we will achieve greater true happiness by letting go of our attachments.


It is like changing a habit

Once we have decided to let go of an attachment it takes a bit of practice to completely resolve it.  If you think about the fact that you have been holding on to the attachment for many years you will see that it has become a deeply ingrained habit.  It is said that it takes at least thirty days to change a habit.  Attachments take at least thirty days to resolve.


The first step in letting go of an attachment is to realize that it will take a few days to accomplish.  We are changing our thinking patterns and that will take a bit of time.  Also, we may still experience the pain of the attachment during this process.  Don’t let this stop you.  Realize that as long as you keep letting go of the attachment it will eventually leave.  When it leaves you will be one step closer to true happiness.


The mechanics of letting go

This may be the most difficult part to explain.  Everyone eventually develops their own technique.  I will share some things that have helped me.


For me, the most effective technique is to acknowledge the attachment when it causes me pain.  If I feel pain because I am in a relationship and am worried about being liked, I tell myself that it is not important if the other person likes me.  What is important is that I like myself.  As long as I like myself then it does not really matter if the other person likes me.


That piece of thinking has helped me to get out of relationships that were not healthy because I was sacrificing myself to be liked by someone else.  Over time I have learned to like myself and build much healthier relationships with people who also like themselves.


Another thought pattern that I have changed is my attitude towards money and possessions.  I used to equate my identity to money and possessions.  To change that attachment I started telling myself that my true self had nothing to do with money or possessions.  False self bases its identity on money and possessions.  True happiness comes from understanding the proper relationship with these things.  I would tell myself that true happiness comes from true self – not false self.


A process of repetition

For me, letting go of attachments has been a process of telling false self not to continue to hold on to the things that make us unhappy.  It is really a process of training false self to trust true self for true happiness.  If you keep at it long enough I guarantee that you will start to do the same for yourself.


I would very much like to hear your stories about letting go of attachments.  Please submit your comments and share how you have learned to walk the path towards true happiness.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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