We the People

In previous posts we have looked at how Barack Obama exemplifies spirituality.  As I was watching his inauguration yesterday I was once again struck by the language that he uses.  Today we will look at how he is continuing to urge us towards a pragmatic spirituality.


It’s not about him

As I was listening to the inaugural speech yesterday I began to notice the pronouns Barack Obama was using.  I was intrigued that he was using the words “we” and “us” almost exclusively.  He rarely used the words “I” or “me”.


Upon reflection, I have attributed this to the fact that President Obama is urging us towards his vision of inclusiveness.  He wants us to learn to work together in harmony and for the greater good of all.


To achieve this vision he realizes that he cannot “tell” us to do so.  He knows that he must be working towards that goal himself.  To show that he is working with us he includes everyone by using the words “we” and “us”.  Rather than standing separately and commanding us to work together he is joining with us and inviting us to work together.


This makes his vision about us – not him.  He sees that we, the people are the most important force in the country.  His plan is to appeal to our better nature.  He knows that when you appeal to someone’s better nature you show that you value them as a person.  When you place this kind of value on people they readily trust you because you have trusted them first.


It is this trust of each other that we have lost in recent years.  Our leaders have attempted to fill us with fear.  They have then used that fear to motivate us into destructive situations.  We have found ourselves a nation of fearful and distrustful people.


President Obama says that we do not have to live this way.  He recognized that we, the people can be trusted.  That we do not want to fight with each other.  That we can find our better nature and use it to help, not hurt, each other.


As we have mentioned before about President Obama, he lives the change that he wants to see.  By trusting we the people he is showing us how to trust each other.


Each of us needs to do our part and start learning to trust each other.  After all, we the people are the government of this country.  Ultimately the country becomes what we want it to be.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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