Notes from the Messiah’s Handbook

We have talked about the book Illusions by Richard Bach before.  There is a very interesting part of the book called Messiah’s Handbook.  This section is filled with some very interesting spiritual axioms.  Today we look more closely at one of these sayings.


Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.


For me this speaks of the power of spirituality.  We talked about a similar idea last week in our post “Who Is Our Family?”  In that post we talked about how for many of us our real family is not the same one we were born into.  Although I did not credit it directly, that post was also inspired by the Messiah’s Handbook.


Today’s saying implies that when we meet our true friends they are immediately much closer than mere acquaintances.  There is an immediate attraction of energy and a closeness that cannot be easily explained.


Energy Attraction

The energy attraction comes because those that are traveling paths that are very similar to ours have very compatible vibrational balances.  These balances cannot be measured or even described with any scientific instruments.  That is because these types of energies are still beyond the ability for our scientist to understand.


However, when we are in the moment we immediately know when we have found someone with a compatible vibration.  Sometimes there are physical signs such as finishing each others sentences.  Most of the time we find that we have been sharing thoughts nonphysically with each other but were not aware that we were doing so.


We are comfortable

Other times we identify these close friends because we are immediately comfortable with them.  We instinctively know that we can trust each other.  There is an easy flow of conversation and ideas about subjects that we find difficult to discuss with most people.



Many times we attempt to turn this type of experience into a romance.  We call this finding a “soul mate” and we think we need to be with this person all the time.  I urge you to fight the temptation to do this.  All too often we have not learned how to structure a personal relationship without false self attachments.  This can turn what could have been a wonderful friendship into a doomed romance.  Besides – if we really need to have that kind of relationship there are many future lifetimes in which we can do so.


Also, do not go looking for this kind of special friendship.  We will never find it by looking for it.  These friendships happen when we stay in the moment and experience each personal contact to the fullest.  When we look for these relationships we are no longer in the moment and they tend to go right by unnoticed.  Stay in the moment and everything will happen as it needs to happen.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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