Our Primary Responsibility

Many of us have struggled with the idea of responsibility.  What is our primary responsibility?  Is it to our parents?  Is it to our family?  Is it to our country?  Is it to our Creator?  Today we look at these questions.


Thankful Friday

We always start our Friday post with a few words of thanks.  This week we will be brief.  We thank WordPress and FeedBurner for making the tools available so that the publishing and distribution of this site is free to all concerned.  Thanks!


The logic

Our regular readers of this blog know that I contend that there is a certain logic to spirituality.  It is different than the false self logic most of us have become accustomed to.  Here is the logic I use to understand my primary responsibility.


We exist to learn and grow.  We have talked about this idea extensively on this blog.  I use it here to show how learning and growth should be at the base of everything we do.


Next, we need to look at our lifetime as one in a long series of lifetimes that we have had – and that we will have.  Our primary responsibility in this lifetime should be something that is harmonious with our previous lifetimes and helps to shape our future lifetimes.


Finally, what does our Creator want us to do?  When we talk about what the Creator wants we always run the risk of putting our own expectations into our statements.  However, if we look at the fact that we were created to learn and grow then we can glimpse what our Creator wants us to do – learn and grow.


Circular logic

Some might describe the previous paragraphs as circular logic.  I think they point us to the answer to the question.  What is our primary responsibility?  To learn and grow and to share that learning and growth with each other.


How do we do that most effectively?  The more we learn to stay in the moment the more we will accomplish our learning and growth.  We all want to help those around us and create a better world for everyone.  The most effective way to do that is to learn to be in the moment at all times.


What about the usual demands?

What about responsibilities to our family and our country?  Remember, those that make up our family and our country have probably not understood how to be in the moment and operate from their true self.  Therefore, these individuals will make many false self demands on us.  They will expect us to do what they want us to do and not acknowledge our commitment to our true self.


We each need to learn how to navigate through these various demands.  Other people’s false selves will always be telling us what our responsibilities should be.  One of the great lessons that we learn as we practice being in the moment is how to stay in the moment, acknowledge the false self demands of others, but not be swayed from our path that our true self has chosen.


It is a tricky thing and we will always have some people that are mad at us.  As we mentioned the other day, the more we travel our path, the more we will find people who are traveling their own path.


In conclusion, our primary responsibility in our lifetime needs to be to the learning and growth of our true self.  We do this by learning to be in the moment at all times.  We will appear to have conflicting responsibilities because the false selves of those around us will want us to do what they think we should be doing.  As we stay in the moment and travel our path we learn how to deal with these individuals at the same time that we are finding more supportive people who are also traveling their path.


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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