We Teach Best What We Need to Learn Most

This is another one of those wise sayings that has helped me on my journey.  As with most of these adages, it has taken me a bit of time to understand it.  Today I will share with you some of the understanding that I have taken from this saying.


We exist to learn and share

We have stated many times on this site that the reason that we exist is to learn and grow and to share our learning with each other.  Next, we bring into consideration that all of our lessons are chosen by true self.


Whether or not we realize it, our lessons during each lifetime are those that true self has decided are the most important for that particular lifetime.  Sometimes we do our learning in a formal setting such as in school.  Most of the time our learning and sharing is achieved simply by living our life.  The learning and sharing becomes a natural part of our life.


Don’t we have to know something before we teach it?

Well, it helps to know about something before we teach about it – but we don’t have to know everything about it.  In actuality, we can never know everything about something, so when we teach it we are teaching the part that we know about.


Let’s use teaching history as an example.  Can anyone know everything there is to know about history?  No – they can know a lot about history in general, but usually those who are experts on history are specialists in certain areas of history.


One may know American history and possess a specialty in the Civil War era.  Will this person be an expert on early railroad history of the 1840’s?  Probably not.  Could they teach about early railroad history of the 1840’s?  Sure – if they studied up on the material.  Would they be an expert on this area?  No – but they could teach others who were just beginning their study of this area.


How does this apply to our spiritual learning?

Just like the teacher of history, we are constantly called on to be an example of things that we are still learning our selves.  However, when we teach something that we are just learning we often discover a connection to our special area of interest.  Teaching something new frequently helps us put together pieces that we would not otherwise have found.


In our history example, learning about railroads in America in the 1840’s helps with a greater understanding of the economics during the civil war.  It helps to understand that the northern forces had many more railroads than the southern forces.


Our spiritual learning is very similar.  We are offered many opportunities to learn new aspects of our spirituality.  We are also offered many opportunities to teach our spirituality.  When we are in the moment we learn that our teaching helps in our learning.  Conversely, our learning also helps in our teaching.


What could be more simple – we teach best that which we need to learn most simply because the reason we exist is to learn and share.  Learning and teaching are as natural to our spirituality as breathing is to our body.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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2 Responses to We Teach Best What We Need to Learn Most

  1. Liara Covert says:

    The title of this post expresses a profound truth. Those beings most in need of a given lesson are those most experienced in the area and well-equipped to teach from there. Patience is a useful example. Those persons who are repeatedly given opportunities to learn patience require those lessons and also collect meaningful substance to draw from to help others.

  2. noahnow says:

    Liara – thank you for the insightful comment. Although I am still learning patience, I am much more patient than I once was. Every time I talk to someone about patience I get the opportunity to learn something new that I can then apply to my learning.

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