We Always Cause What We Fear

The concept of fear was explained to me many years ago.  It has taken me a long time to start to get a good grasp of some of those explanations.  One of the more intriguing concepts is that we always cause what we fear.  Today we explore that idea.


Welcome back!

I trust that everyone had a safe and happy New Year holiday.  I took a break from the computer for a few days and got way behind in my email.  Oh well – you have to walk away from these things every once in awhile.


Relative strengths of energy

The way it was explained to me is that everything that exists is constructed of energy.  Energy also means vibration.  If it exists, it vibrates and it is made of energy.  Our scientists are beginning to understand this concept, especially as they are exploring quantum physics.


The question becomes what are the relative strengths of different energies?  Thought energy is the most powerful of all energies.  Every thing that exists began as a thought.  Then different energies were manipulated to create an object, a book, a movie, a painting.  Each of these started as a thought.


OK – thought energy manipulates all other energies so it is most powerful.  Of the different types of thought energy, emotional energy is the strongest.  When we are influenced by our emotional energy we tend to be unable to concentrate any other thoughts.  Emotional energy blocks out other thought energies.


Now – here is where it gets interesting.  Of the emotional energies, fear is the strongest.  Fear is the strongest of all energies.


Why we cause what we fear

Just like our emotional energy blocking out other thought energy, fear blocks out other emotions.  Think about a time when you were very frightened.  You were unable to think clearly.  You were simply reacting to the situation that caused the fear.  Also, you were unable to experience any other emotions.  Fear had totally paralyzed your ability to experience emotion.


Fear is runaway emotional thought energy.  Once we have given ourselves over to fear we cease to have the ability to control ourselves or the situation.  This is why we always cause what we fear.


The antidote

The only way to avoid fear is to remain in control of ourselves and have confidence in ourselves.  As we have discussed in many previous postings, being in the moment is the ultimate way to rid ourselves of fear.


By being in the moment we are staying in control of ourselves and nipping the fear in the bud.  With practice we can observe the fear as it begins to form into thoughts.  We decide not to grab the tiger’s tale – we let the fear go on by and stay happy and in control of ourselves.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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