Happy New Year

Our message for today is very simple.  First, I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year.  Next, I have a list of people I want to thank for their work and assistance during the past year.  Finally, we are taking a short year end break.  See below for the details.


Happy New Year

I wish everyone a happy, prosperous, and successful new year.  I hope everyone continues on their path towards being their true self.  The road can become difficult and there are many distractions.  I offer my help to you in any way you think I might be able to assist you.


Year end thanks

Here is a list of just a few of the people who have been important to helping me on my path this year.


Oprah Winfrey & Eckhart Tolle:  Earlier this year Oprah & Eckhart collaborated on a series of videos that taught us how to be in the moment.  This series of videos was very important to me.  They helped me make a great deal of progress on my path.  I hope they have helped you, or will help you on your path as well.


Judy Kovecses:  Judy has become a wonderful friend and confidant this year.  She has offered her house for a Tuesday morning discussion group that has been instrumental in allowing me to explain some of the background that has brought me down my unique path.  Judy also shares my passions for food.  We have exchanged many of our favorite food items.  Judy – thanks for being such a great friend.


Gayle Dulcey:  Gayle has run a Course in Miracles discussion group in Doylestown, PA for several years.  I have been attending this Thursday afternoon group for almost two years.  This group has become a wonderful weekly discussion of a wide range of spiritual topics.  The group has chosen to share their experience on their path with each other.  This sharing has helped everyone who attends to learn, and then apply what they have learned.  Gayle – thanks for your commitment and effort in keeping this group active.


These are just a few of the people that I should be thanking.  However, there just is neither the time nor space here to make those thanks.  For all of you that are not on this list – thanks for all that you have done to help me and many others on our paths this year.


Year end break

We are going to take a short year end break.  Our next post will be on Monday, January 5, 2009.  Have a safe and happy New Year holiday!


Until Monday –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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