Is Barack Obama a Crystal Child?

I have seen a lot of discussion on the internet speculating about Barack Obama being a crystal child.  My opinion is that he exhibits the spiritual characteristics of someone who is part of the mission.  Read the rest of the post for my reasons.


The mission

We started this blog with a three part post which described the differences between the crystal children, the indigo children, and the star children.  Without going into a great deal of detail in this post, Barack Obama would technically fit into the category of star child.  Please read this series of posts if you want to know the details.


Barack Obama would be a star child only because of his age.  The other factor we would have to look at is how he exemplifies spirituality.


Barack Obama exemplifies spirituality

We also published a series of post that showed how Barack Obama exemplifies spirituality.  Based on that series of posts, it is quite clear that he does exemplify spirituality.  His spirituality is apparent in almost every speech that he gives.  Certainly it is a major part of every formal speech that he gives.


So far we have the fact that Barack Obama would qualify as a star child because of his age.  Next we have the fact that he is very clearly exemplifying his spirituality.  Is this enough to say that he is part of the mission?  Let’s take a look.


Is Obama part of the mission?

Back in October we published a post entitled “Who Is in the Mission Now?”  The primary message in that post is that those who were trained specifically as a part of the mission have pretty much lost their way.  Whether you are a crystal, indigo, or star child is no longer important.


What is important is that you are exemplifying spirituality and working towards being your true self.  If you were trained as a part of the mission – great!  If you weren’t part of the formal training – no problem!


The important thing is that you have learned the importance of living a spiritual life.  In living that spiritual life you are also helping those around you to do the same.  Once we truly begin to live a spiritual life we cannot help but exemplify what we understand.


Is Barack Obama a Crystal Child?

The exact answer to that would be no – he is too old to be a crystal child.  Is he a star child and part of the mission?  I think that he most likely is.  I have no proof that he was trained prior to this lifetime as a part of the mission.  But, as we have said several times, that is unimportant.  What is important is that he is exemplifying his spirituality and encouraging the rest of the planet to do the same.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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