The Child Chasing the Bee

Today we will look at another analogy from the book The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard.  We heard several analogies from this book in previous posts.  Today we will hear about the child and the bee.


Welcome back

Welcome back from your holiday weekend.  I trust that everyone had a safe and happy weekend.  We have had very changeable weather in this part of the northeast US.  To me, this is just a sign the planetary rebalancing is getting underway in earnest.


The child and the bee

Today’s analogy compares our false self desires to a child chasing a bee.  The child is playing in the yard and spies a big colorful bumble bee.  The bumble bee is slow moving so the child decides to catch this mesmerizing creature.


Of course the bee immediately stings the child.  As Vernon Howard describes it – the child soon finds that he does not want the bee.


Our false self is much the same as the child chasing after the bright and colorful bee.  False self is mesmerized by things like money, power, notoriety, personal relationships, and material objects.  It chases after them without much thought as to what will happen when it catches them.


Our culture is replete with individuals, both historical and current, who apparently had everything but were not happy.  They had all the money, power, fame which most of us dream of.  They still had not found their true self, so all these false self accomplishments turned out to be meaningless.


The dog chasing cars

There is an old joke about dogs that chase cars.  The punch line is “What is the dog going to do when he finally catches a car?”


I recommend that we do the same thing with all the false self materialistic dreams that we are chasing.  Ask yourself what are you really going to do when you win the lottery?  Will buying that house really make your life any better?  When you get that promotion and you have more people reporting to you, are you really going to be able lead them any better than you can now?


I am not preaching.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting more money, a nicer house, or a promotion.  I am just recommending that we think about why we really want these things.  Then we should think very seriously about what we will do once we get them.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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