The Best Holiday Gift

Many of us celebrate Christmas today.  For those that do – I wish you a very merry and happy day.  For those that do not – I wish you a safe and happy holiday of you choice.  We all look for the best holiday gift.  Today I make my suggestion as to what that gift could be.


Give yourself to yourself

This may sound a bit bogus and hokey, but I do not think there is a better gift.  If we would all just give ourselves the gift of being our true self, all of our unhappiness would disappear forever.


As we have stated so many times on this site, our unhappiness, anger, fear, violence, and hate all come from our false self.  Our true self sees through all of that and insists on our true happiness.  What could be a better gift than to give yourself the gift of being your true self at all times?


Isn’t that being selfish?

Actually, it is not being selfish.  When we give ourselves the gift of being our true selves we also set the example.  By empowering ourselves we also give other people the permission to empower themselves.  By giving ourselves the gift of being ourselves we also inspire others to do the same.  How can that be considered selfish?


That is our holiday message.  I hope to see more of each and every one of your true selves in the coming year.


Have a great holiday!


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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