I Laugh at Myself Because I Like Myself

The theme for this week seems to have turned into learning how to like and laugh at ourselves.  Today I will offer one more idea on that subject.  It may seem counterintuitive but trust me – it is very logical and at the same time very powerful.


The power of laughing at ourselves

On Monday we talked about the importance of laughing at ourselves.  Laughing at ourselves helps us to remain objective and observant of ourselves.  Laughing at ourselves keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.


Many times we don’t recognize the power of laughing at ourselves.  First, when we are being objective we are also being in the moment.  When we observe the absurdities of our false self and are able to laugh at them we begin to gain control of our life.  True self is saying that we have had enough of the false self silliness and begins to undermine the false self tyranny by pointing out the absurdities.


The other powerful aspect of laughing at ourselves is that when we laugh at ourselves we give others the permission to laugh at us as well.  We have talked about the power of vulnerability.


When we are vulnerable we are saying to people that we trust them not to take advantage of our vulnerability.  Most of the time people respond favorably to our vulnerability.  It also says to them that we trust them, and in return they tend to trust us back.


When we laugh at ourselves we are admitting a flaw.  This empowers others to laugh at themselves and admit their flaws.  This can be very healthy for all concerned.


Liking myself

Yesterday we talked about liking ourselves.  Similarly to laughing at ourselves, liking ourselves is also very powerful.  When we like ourselves we become at peace with ourselves.  When we truly understand this kind of peace we begin to finally make use of the tremendous power that we all have.


When we have learned to truly be at peace with ourselves in this manner there is nothing that can cause us to dislike ourselves any more.  At this point we have finally learned to build our lives on the bedrock that is our true self.


Nothing can shake us from this bedrock once we have truly found it.  That is why a little bit of laughing at ourselves never does any damage.  When you are building on the strength that true self has gained through millions of lifetimes, how can a little laughing during one lifetime threaten that strength?


I can laugh at myself because I like myself.  Also, when I observe my own absurd behavior I must laugh at it.  That is my first line of defense that keeps me sane and objective.  When I truly like myself I must also be able to laugh at myself.


For many of us today is Christmas Eve and the beginning of the traditional holiday.  I wish you a safe and happy holiday season – whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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One Response to I Laugh at Myself Because I Like Myself

  1. Ming Jones says:

    Hey, great article. you rock. I have something to add, i am studying psych at uni, and there is plenty of research that says laughing helps clear stress hormones, cortisol and others from the body. Cortisol stops the body ( and i suppose mind) from growing, stops protein formation, hence why babies who are chronically stressed do not develop ‘normally’ if at all, unless they are given some love. Cheers

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