Finger Pointing and Forgiveness

Yesterday we looked at a bit of spiritual logic regarding forgiveness.  That post received several comments.  The comment from Ruth got me thinking about an earlier post titled “Pointing Fingers”.  Today we look at similarities between these two posts.


Pointing fingers

The main idea of the post titled “Pointing Fingers” was that whenever we point a finger we always have three pointing back at us.  You can easily prove this to yourself by looking down at your hand and pointing your finger.  You have three pointing back at you.


The meaning of those three fingers is that we have to take responsibility for ourselves before we can attempt to “blame” someone else.  When we are honest with ourselves we find that we have an awful lot of stuff to work on.  We do not really need to waste time blaming someone else for things we feel they have done to us.



This is where forgiveness comes in.  When we want to point a finger at someone else we actually wind up forgiving them when we notice the three fingers pointing back at us.


That is what happens when we really start to understand what those fingers pointing at us mean.  They say to us “How can you blame some one else when you are doing the same thing yourself?”  We have mentioned this idea before.  When we do not like what some one else is doing it is usually because we are doing the same thing and we do not like that we are also doing it.


To prove this to yourself just watch the people around you.  When someone complains about what someone else is doing be quiet and watch their behavior.  You will usually find that they are doing exactly what they are complaining that other people do.  By extension, that means we are probably behaving the same way.


Forgiving ourselves

Here is the main point for today’s post.  When we recognize the three fingers pointing back at us let’s start recognizing that this is also a reminder to forgive ourselves.  Self forgiveness can be the most difficult kind of forgiveness.


Self forgiveness requires self acceptance, objectivity, lack of denial, being in the moment, and many more things.  However, self forgiveness is the most powerful kind of forgiveness.


When we really start to forgive ourselves we finally start to like ourselves.  When we like ourselves we have true self confidence.  True self confidence is the most powerful tool we possess.  True self confidence harnesses the vast power of our true self which has always accomplished everything we, as true self, ever chose to do.  But that is another post.


That is all for today.  Remember – those three fingers pointing back at you are one of the most powerful tools you have.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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