The Older I Get the More I Understand Ghandi – part 3

Today we continue to hear about some of the messages from Mahatma Ghandi.  Our messages for today will be about being in the moment and the importance of seeing the good in other people.


Be in the moment

“I do not want to see the future.  I am concerned with taking care of the present.”  On this blog we have talked many times about the importance of staying in the moment.  The basic idea of being in the moment is that we need to take care of what is in front of us right now.  If we properly handle the current situation then that is one less “problem” we will have in the future.


If you think about it, we cannot do anything to change the past.  Any time we spend playing the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” game is wasted time.  This way of thinking always brings recriminations, which in turn leads to a downward spiral of self doubt.  When our thinking is stuck in the past we are not in the moment.


Similarly, we cannot change the future through our nervous anticipation of what will come.  We all want different things from our future.  However, living in a future where we cannot control what happens to us is wasted effort.


We cannot control what happens to us in the next moment.  What we can control is what we do in this moment.  Take care of this moment and the next moment will be exactly what it needs to be.


Even though we cannot control what happens to us we can control how we react to what does happen.  When we stay in the moment we remain in control of ourselves and the situation.  When we learn the power of these two behaviors – staying in the moment and controlling how we handle what happens to us – we begin to learn how to change our lives.  When we learn how to change our lives we begin to learn how to change the world.


Accepting ourselves

“I look only to the good qualities of men.  Not being faultless myself I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.”  If we wanted to, we could easily find many faults within each person in our lives.  When we concentrate on their faults we lose sight of their positive qualities.  At this point it becomes very easy to see people as evil or bad because we are only looking at their faults.


Let’s turn this idea around.  Do we want people looking at only our faults?  Do we want people ignoring us because they cannot see our positive qualities?  I do not think that any of us want that.  So, if we want other people to see us for our positive qualities then we must begin to see the positive qualities in other people.  After all, shouldn’t we do to others what we want done to us?


We also must start the process of seeing the good in others.  When we wait for others to do this to us before we do it to others it never happens.  We must be the example of the change we want to see, another of Ghandiji’s precepts.


That is all for today.  Some of the ideas for this series of posts have come from the website “Ghandiji’s Top Ten Fundamentals for Changing the World”.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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