Life is Simple – People Make It Complicated

A few months ago we wrote an item that was called “Life is Doing Fine – It’s People Who Have Problems.”  Today we are going to look at a similar idea – that we choose to make life complicated.


We want complications

For several reasons our false self wants complications.  For some this is a defense mechanism.  For example, if we can make our job seem very difficult and complicated we think that we can create some job security.  This is false self clinging to the known situation rather than embracing new ideas.


We also like to make things complicated so we can use them as an excuse.  I have recently heard people talk about the political situation being very complicated.  They were using this as an excuse for not getting involved and learning about the current political situation.


Learn to simplify

One of the major tenets of many spiritual and philosophical disciplines is the idea of simplifying our lives.  Many times this revolves around ridding ourselves of physical objects.  However, complication of ideas and personal relationships can be just as detrimental to a simplified life.


I am not saying to get rid of objects or relationships.  I am saying to understand them and their role in our lives.   Some disciplines call for us to renounce our possessions.  My view is that we must renounce our attachments to our possessions.  It is the attachment to the possession, not the possession itself that complicates our lives.


In the same vein, we tend to complicate our lives through our attachments to people and relationships.  Just like with possessions, it is the attachment that is the problem, not the relationship.  Many times false self wants to have people around to validate that it is accepted.  After all, if there are people that like it, false self must be worthy and likeable.


Observe your complications

As with so many of our solutions, it all starts with observation.  We need do nothing more than watch your behavior.  Recognize it when we see that we are creating complications.  At first we need do nothing more than this.


The next step is to accept that we want to make things complicated.  In doing this we are taking responsibility for the source of the complications.  This is a big step because we have now moved out of denial.  Accepting responsibility for creating the complications will eventually allow us to cease creating them.


The final step is to stop creating the complications.  As long as we are accepting that we are creating the complications this step will happen automatically.  Eventually we will tire of creating complications and train ourselves that we do not have to create them.


I have found that a more simple life is a much happier life.  I hope you will find the same.


That is all I have for today.


Until tomorrow –


Es kava turen hai

We work towards an identical goal.




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